Cover portfolio loss


Right now i am managing my cosine’s portfolio.
He is not active much or market , one day he want to invest and buy stocks and then he forget about this.Because of this nature he earn in couple of script and he loss in not great benefit.

Now i want to cover its loss.

Here i am note down all stocks which having loss more then 70% of investment.

  1. Crew B.O.S Products @ 125
  2. Provogue (India) @ 72
  3. K S Oils @ 12.35
  4. Unitech Ltd @ 32
  5. Guj. NRE Coke @ 22
  6. Jaiprakash Power Ven @ 36
  7. GTL Ltd @ 63
  8. Financial Technolog @ 382
  9. MMTC Ltd @ 120
  10. Lanco Infratech Ltd. @ 19
  11. Indosolar Ltd @ 26

What you think ?
Shall i invest more and wait for some time to cover his loss ?

Can you guys recommend to invest among this script again as its price is less then 70%.
What you think,any of these stocks will cover its loss in next 1-2 years?

Please suggest your view and idea to cover his loss.

Thank you very much.

Hi @Axansh
Managing other peoples portfolio can be quite rewarding as well as damaging, and can potentially lead to animosity and ruin good relations. The entire idea of making up for losses is incorrect and can inflict more damages to the portfolio, especially if you are looking at stocks that have fallen 70% to choose from. My advise is to start the learning process now and buy some good investment books and keep them at home and go through it a couple of times. Next is to buy some stocks and make/loose some money and understand the market dynamics and cycles. Eventually you will be a better investor than most people out there.

@madhug hey Thanks for comment and advice.

yes, you are right,
I am following path which you suggesting and trying to learn more.

i took his portfolio as a case study and trying to learn from this.looks like challenging.
I am also thinking to invest in fresh stocks and cover his loss,

But i am also thinking of few stocks are not that much bad, eg. unitech.
Right now it is not doing good as whole RE is not moving plus other factors.
He having 1200 stocks @ price of 32,and current price is 4.
So if i put 10k and buying 2500 stocks , then avg price will come around 13.

What you think over this ?
Did you see other stocks from which we can make it something like this.

I appropriate your advice and will follow that only but i just want to double check
if we can make it something from existing companies.

better to get out asap of all stocks as listed by you before any further damage - just my opinion

Can you write a few lines with justification on why would you like to stay with each of those companies? I guess that will help you atleast do the initial screening. Think about the intrinsic value against your purchase value, P/E, future earning power, management ethics, economic moat, expected performance from the sector they belong to, your holding timeframe etc., I guess not many in the forum will provide you more than this.

@samirhuli Hey thanks,

From these losers i am picking/guessing unitech.

Current price is 4, and book value is 43,
This portfolio having this stock at price of 32.

So my idea is , As in all numbers unitech is bad,
but whole RE market is also look bad since few years,

But i think this is not final call , like today all bank sector are doing bad
but what you think. will it not do well in near future?
so i am betting on same for line,

If he can put some money and buy this stock in cheap price as of now and
then wait for 1/2 years, then i think,this can be good move.

What your call on this ?

Poor you :unamused:. Take ten days time and kindly go through all the threads in this forum.


my two cents!!

All stocks u have in your portfolio belong to punters group. Did these company’s report profit in any recent quarters. If you listen to guys on MMB and get emotionally trapped then you will end up in such portfolio. Sorry for being harsh here.

Unitech’s promoters was behind bar recently. Financial Tech also had a scandal associated with it.

I would suggest you to read some books on investing before investing hard earned money.


Completely understood,your point,
Thanks for your reply and time.

I am also think same but need some strong opinion,so i putted here.

Now i made my mind i will not invest my time and money on these stocks,
i am moving forward and looking for better companies.

Do not invest now on any of the above stocks or any other stocks till market stabilizes. be in nifty 50 stocks / index stocks which may give atleast more than bank FD returns. do not pour your entire money in one shot in to the market. check all the details of one stock in BSE/NSE Website. note down all 52wk lows/ 3 yrs lows/ etc., allocate only 2% of your money to each stock. you can get, if you observe any MF fact sheet how they have allocated in their portfolios.
you can trade occassionally but be as a long term investor which straight away gives you 15% returns i.e.,Taxes on short term trading is 15%.

this is my experience with 15 years as a investor.

best of luck.

@hemavanteru hey thanks,

Yes, on away of doing that.