Courses on Value Investing


I am looking to do a formal course on value investing.

I have heard of the following

  1. Professor Bakshi’s course at MDI

  2. 3 day course at Columbia university by Professor Bruce Greenwald

Any other universities where I can do a course on this subject, whether abroad or in India?

Has anyone here done any courses? It would be great If you could share your experience/leanings

Also if I want to apply to Professor Bakshi’s course at MDI, how should I go about it. Is it open to everyone?

Thanks in advance


Investment lab with masters at flame pune in summers every year

Professor Bakshi’s course at MDI --> is it open for outsiders ? how to register for that.

I find the following education in valuation and corporate finance (available for free) to be more than enough for any person who is starting his/her journey in this wonderful world.

Books to Read
These will take you around 12-18 months if done properly. There is no order to reading them. You can read them in any order as long as you are able to summarize your learnings and key takeaways from each of them.

  1. Seeking Wisdom
  2. Skin In The Game
  3. This Will Make You Smarter
  4. The Black Swan
  5. The Little Book That Builds Wealth
  6. Security Analysis
  7. Poor Charlie’s Almanack
  8. The Warren Buffet Way
  9. Little Book Of Valuation
  10. A Masterclass with Super Investors
  11. Essay’s of Warren Buffet: Lessons for Corporate America
  12. One Up on Wall Street
  13. Margin of Safety
  14. Intelligent Investor

Free Courses on Valuation, Corporate Finance & Investment Philosophy by Prof. Damodaran himself.
Spring 2020 Corporate Finance MBA class (Free)


Spring 2020 Valuation MBA class (Free)

Online Investment Philosophies Class (Free)

These 3 courses along with the 14 books mentioned above are a good start into the world of investing. Normal sane people park their money in Index ETFs while they complete this task. But this is in no way a recommendation or an advise