Cosmo Films - Diffentiated player in commodity business

Can someone from the industry help us understand at what BOPP margin would a pure play commodity player reach breakeven for EBITDA?

If commodity BOPP margins stay at Rs 8-10, and pure play players witness losses at these levels - we should witness some shutdowns at least.

Cosmo could see a good Q1 and a good FY25 with increasing spreads compared to last year.


how can we get the daily prices & trends for BOPP, BOPET, Polypropylene - Domestic & International.

I generally follow the prices published by Jindal Poly. The link is JPFL Films: Price List If there is a better source, please suggest. Disclosuree: Invested. Views Biased.


you may use this.> Commodities - Live Quote Price Trading Data

I think the domestic rate one can get from suppliers RIL,ONGC,IOCL,HPCL-Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL). but The link will fairly give an international price idea with 2% variations from actual deemed prices in india.


i can find Polypropylene prices. but can’t find BOPP & BOPET in the above link.

BOPP is made using Polypropylene as base.
BOPET is made using Polyester chips as base.

If you can find price trend and pattern for polyester chips you can refer to it.