Copy-Paste Content and/or web links: small steps fro quality communication


Re: Some post(s) which was all over the place! (Now Edited).

If you care to add value to discussions, you must also care to check how you communicate.

1). Before copying and pasting (esp from PDFs and other formatted text) please paste text copied into something like Notepad (or other text editor) - to remove the formatting - check/edit for continuity of text, proper paragraph formation, etc. and then copy the text back from Notepad - before pasting back on the forum thread.

After pasting, re-check that the formatting is okay and that the text is not all over the place.

2.** If you are pasting a weblink, make sure you are not pasting a link that is very long**. Short urls can be pasted directly, though its better to hyperlink some highlighted text for better appeal. For long URLS, please use only the “Insert External link” Hyperlink function from formatting tools above, and paste the URL there after highlighting the text you want to hyperlink, as shown here. Directly pasting (very) long URLS play havoc with the forum display width, as you might have noticed many times before.

Taking these simple steps will ensure your voice gets heard, effectively. All of us have a duty to be a little careful while communicating.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Also while replying to any ongoing discussion, please try not to copy the entire previous post. Copy only the content you are answering to. This avoids the length of the thread getting too long and without any addition to the value. Also few guys are writing with space between the lines. This also can be avoided. Please issue the guideline accordingly.