Conversion of Warrant to Equity Shares

I am new in investing. I have some warrants that needed conversion into Equity shares. I have Zerodha account and registered with CDSL. I have requested for the DIS from Zerodha. What are the next step. Can you please assist? Thank you

Which Company is this for?

If its for MoldTek Packaging, then there is already a conversation in the MoldTek Packaging thread for how you can convert your warrants to shares.

Posting a reference here: MOLD TEK PACKAGING---dividend plus growth - #209 by nevds.365

Please go through the post for reference.

The process should be the same for any other company, you just need the escrow account to which you have to deposit your warrants, and the reason code.

You will have to fill up the DIS slip and submit it to your DP(In your case Zerodha). You can check with your DP on how to go about submitting the DIS slip to them.

Thank you for the reply. Yes its with Moldtek. There was the below statement in the email they sent me which I did not quite understand. If you could help me. Do I need to do anything with CDSL and NSDL? Though I have an account with Zerodha, I am registered with CDSL.

“Beneficial owners (holders) of Warrants having their beneficiary account with the CDSL must use the inter-depository ,delivery instruction slip for the purpose of crediting their Warrants in favour of the Special Depository Account with the NSDL.”