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I have seen many of our valuepickers referring to company specific research reports from different brokerage houses when discussing a stock.This really adds lot of value to the discussion.I would like to know how expert valuepickers track all these research reports about companies as there are so many reports flowing around everyday.

Is there a website where I can subscribe and all research reports related to companies in my wishlist will be mailed to me? Currently I am checking different brokerage house research page on a daily/weekly basis to check their reports but it’s time consuming and most of the time I miss the reports.Basically I want to know if any website exists for research report with similar functionality like ‘bsealert’.
Any help will be very useful to me.



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While the below link isn’t exactly what you are looking for, at least you can see a bunch of reports from different brokerages at one place -



Please Google ‘’.They are probably the fastest to update and upload the latest research reports.Concalls are also readily available.

Hope this helps.



Hi Sagar/ others

For last 2 weeks, I am facing issues with Researchbytes, it throws errors either immidiately on first page or while logging in. Could someone confirm that you are facing the same? Want to hear some concalls, but the issue is persistent.

THanks in advance.


Hi Gaurav,

Yes I have been facing that issue too, specially if you login Via Facebook. Try and create a new account with your email and login, it should work fine.

@Anindya - Along with RB, I use use google alerts for all the companies that I track, its pretty handy too.



Wow…Both moneycontrol and researchbyte links are super.Especially Researchbyte has concalls too and even reports from today…this was beyond my expectation. I always thought only large investors have access to concall details :).

Thanks a lot everyone for this.


Following link at Business standard also has latest reports.


RB is working fine for me.No issues.In fact,only today I listened to the RS Software & Mindtree concalls.You may try what Niranjan has suggested above.


I also listened to RS and CCL concall yesterday without any issues

I am sharing a link where daily research reports, market updates, economic reports , presentation etc are uploaded
Hope it would be useful to the community members

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Hi y’all, I was wondering if y’all could help me figure out the best resource for equity, industry as well as economic research reports?

I am a Fundamental Equity Analyst at a mid-sized firm and the company I work for for is willing to pay for the subscriptions. I’m trying to figure out the platform which will provide the most bang for the buck.

The sources I can think of are:

  1. Bloomberg
  2. Bloomberg Quint
  3. CLSA
  4. S&P Capital IQ
  5. Jefferies *
  6. Axis Direct Research
  7. HDFC Securities

How do I go about getting a subscription to these? What would you recommend I sign up for? Or should I just go all out and ask for a Bloomberg Terminal, even though I’m not currently trading for the firm?

Ps. Not mentioning ICICI Securities, Motilal Oswal, Prabhudas Lilladher or Geojit, as most of their reports are either freely available or on Bloomberg Quint.

*Also, Does Jefferies not provide their research (in India), even if you can pay for it? I tried calling them up just to enquire. The staff was extremely rude and refused to connect me with anyone.

I’m aware of this resource. But thanks for sharing! But considering the fact that not all institutions post their research on platforms where you can access it for free, is there any other resource you would recommend?

They provide Thomson Reuters research reports at minimal cost for retailers.

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