Companies affected by Chennai Flood

Lets list down companies which have publicly disclosed about their loss story or change of plan due to flood and then take a call which of them are still worthy of holding.
The ones which comes to my mind are:

  • Sundaram Finance
  • Repco Home Loan
  • Eicher Motor

Disc: Still holding all three

As per the BS article, TCS, HCL in major way and Infosys, Wipro to some extent.

Have Sundaram Finance or Repco announced publicly that they are affected?

Other companies:

  • Manali Petrochemicals
  • TVS Motors
  • TCS

Eicher Motors has multiple reasons against it: Chennai floods + Fed hike issue + NGT order ban of diesel vehicles + lower waiting time for their motorcycles.

Can Take Solutions be a part of the above list?

Waterbase - below is the excerpt from its presentation

Strides arcolab also got affected.

Force motors…I do not know how much BMW and Merc contributing to their topline…

Force Motors has only one plant for BMW in Chennai. Overall impact on company will be limited.

I think stocks like Shriram Transport, South Indian Bank, Chola Investment would be affected due to likely increase in NPA. Tube Investment could be affected as they have major operations in Chennai area.

Intellect Design Arena has its main office in Chennai

There will be a few companies which could be positively impacted by the floods. I can think of auto ancillaries manufacturers , consumer appliances companies etc. Couldn’t find any reports pointing to such impact.

Can you explain a bit more?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

A lot of vehicles have been destroyed or impaired by the floods, also lots of home applicances like refrigerator, grinder, motor pumps etc were also either impaired or washed away by the floods.

Money will have to be spent by the consumers in replacing them or repairing them as they are essential commodities.
This will result in additional sales for companies supplying those appliances/auto parts.

Can you tell me the source of your data and do you have exact numbers around this?

In my first post I have mentioned that I couldn’t find any data or reports with regards to the actual data.
When I googled for news… I came up with this

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