Cognitive computing next big thing?

IBM has developed Watson a platform for cognitive computing. Any other Indian company into this? Ramco system website says something about cognitive computing.

Angel Broking has started ARQ, Stock picking based on Cognitive computing. Will need to see its results. their ad says it scans billion points to chose recommendation for stocks and MFs.

Has anybody tested ARQ?

BTW, Cognitive computing is touted to replace or we can say already started replacing Advocates, General Practioners in US. Will need to see its effects on other platforms or businesses.

Cognitive computing the new name for AI, which has been around for a long time. This time around NLP (natural language processing) and big data in conjunction with AI is playing a bigger role in computing systems.

What impact it will have over the long term is open for discussion but it’s possible it will impact most industries as intelligent data processing in non-english language happens nearly everywhere.

Infosys has Mana , but I do not have any information on its capabilities/adoption of Mana.

Majesco announced a 5 year tie-up with IBM to integrate Watson for its Insurance products recently.

IBM Watson is being adopted in Healthcare (Hospitals etc.) . This would add maturity to the product.

Mana is still in nascent stage though Infosys is trying to promote that big time. (My opinion only)

Another instance of Cognitive Computing, it was used to impact the US results. It is being analyzed how a company called Cambridge Analytica helped Trump win the US elections If the news is true then Big Data will play a major role in influencing our lives going ahead. Variety of inputs can be used to analyze the social and psychological behavior of people and it can be used to change or influence their minds to get the desired output.

Cognitive, AI, Analytics, Big Data, Watson etc is essentially re branding of the same technology that has been evolving over the years. My opinion is it makes smart companies smarter. It won’t make dump companies smart. Indian companies can still benefit from technologies that have been developed several decades ago so cognitive and other names are way into the future.
As an analogy, imagine how long it will take driverless cars to become a reality in India (if it ever becomes a reality). We first need to have highways which were built in US in 1960’s. so we are at least 60 year behind in that an about driving discipline we are about 200 years behind. Same will happen with Cognitive and Watson.

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@Yogesh_s Please go through the section on disruption and mainly the video link

The driver-less cars will not require smarter roads. It will be otherwise, the cars will be smarter.

You can check this article on reinforcement learning -