Chirag's Portfolio

Hi Community,

I have started my investing journey in 2021. Following is my profolio.

Instrument Avg. cost LTP Net chg.
AFFLE 978.7 1114.25 13.85
ASRL 46.28 31.38 -32.2
HDFCBANK 1460.9 1403.6 -3.92
HINDUNILVR 2566.87 2424.2 -5.56
HPAL 90.55 117.75 30.04
INDIGOPNTS 1449.64 1423.3 -1.82
INFY 1333.75 1669.65 25.18
JIOFIN 116.91 273 133.51
JUBLINGREA 453.81 431 -5.03
KOTAKBANK 1805.54 1742.45 -3.49
LUXIND 1283.61 1208.1 -5.88
MISHTANN 8.58 23.14 169.7
NAZARA 1023.66 857.15 -16.27
POLYCAB 5315 4307.35 -18.96
POLYPLEX 1490.29 977.8 -34.39
RELIANCE 2414.35 2922.3 21.04
SBICARD 778.54 718.4 -7.72
STARHEALTH 543.43 555.5 2.22
TANLA 1044.43 985.85 -5.61
TCIEXP 1314.82 1321.7 0.52
ULTRACEMCO 8017 9946.8 24.07
WIPRO 403.86 490.45 21.44

I have invested in banking stocks such as HDFC Bank, Kotak bank as they are leading banks of India and if India has to grow banking sector must grow. I trust large cap private banks as any scam can affect PSU banks and small banks heavily.

I like technology stocks that is where I invetsed in AFFLE and Tanla platforms. As they are working on internet space and there is a good growth opprtunity in future.

I have tried to diversified my portfolio to include stocks from different sectors and not invested more than 30% in any single sector. My initial thinking was that I would reduce risk by investing atleast 60-65% in large cap stocks. My large caps haven’t given me good returns and same goes for even my small cap investments. I haven’t been able to beat NIFTY 50 index also.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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@Ashar_Mann , I would love to hear your thoughts.

These are my personal views on your PF and suggested stocks are based on my research process, have holdings. Please do your own due diligence before reshuffling.

@Cshar, Thanks for you response. Would it be a good choice to enter now in PSU banks as they have already run up a lot. I am looking for stocks to invest for long term.

After recent correction, SBI cards is at good valuation. Currently, borrowing cost is high, I would expect it to settle down in future and their margin will also improve. Also, spending is also improving which will also help increase credit card industry as whole.

AFFLE, Nazara and Tanla also look promising to me. What are your views on these stocks?

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Mostly I agree about what you said… But do you really think Polyplex is a junk insvestment? Its true that polyplex, cosmo first … stocks like these are going to suffer for some more time, but that should not make it a junk, especially, if someone is thinking about its long term prospect.
Please let me know what do you think. Thanks,

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I would also look at Rategain technologies in technology space.its kind of a monopolistic business they have built.Bullish on the travel segment aswell

Hi Chirag, Please don’t take “Junk” as offensive, for me Junk are even good companies trading at exorbitant valuations, volatile margins, drop is sales is most dangerous.

Polyplex margins are volatile, sales have dropped, its a dull business which is good however need to dig into further if valuations are good.

SBI cards looks expensive to me, stand alone card business will never get fancy, last 4 year performance is pathetic, NPA issues are most severe in credit card due to unsecured nature. IDFC offers revolving credit at much lesser rate.

Tanla looks promising.

Affle and rategain are in expensive category, new investment is not warranted, dont confuse with Industry PE, PE for bull market and bear markets are different, a 80 PE valuation will be justified in a roaring bull market and for same business even 40 PE valuations will look expensive​:joy::joy::joy:, just see chart of Dmart.

I will advise to play caution. Better to be in cash 50%. All market is heated up, look at stock level, dig deep and than take a call. End of day, capital preservation is most important all the time

PSU banks are cheaper than Pvt banks , corporate governance concerns are over as Modi will return to power. Also due to lesser fiscal deficit, they will enjoy large margins as cost of fund will go down.


Hey Chirag, Thanks for mentioning me.
→ I don’t know your risk appetite or thesis through which you have’t laid out here anywhere
→ I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge except for few large cap gaints since for such business there are too many moving needles that can affect stock prices and i’m not good at understanding macros

Affle → The co. has niche in Ads all though valuations on absolute term are high but the valuation still remain in Median range. IMO the co. should keep growing at 15-20% CAGR at base level for next 4-5 Years once can do the math for the same
the terminal value will be high considering the business is differentiated from normal IT Service provider
ASRL → No idea
HDFC bank → Taking a contrarian view when everybody is hang up on PSU, I think HDFC and Kotak is a Bargain now. At base level if i consider HDFC’s Current valuation as the New Normal then too 1500 Branches added will give operating leverage in next 3-4 years. The same was the case with Equitas Small finance bank earlier
HPAL → no Idea
Indigo Paints → I have been away from Paints due to the fact that there is so much competition coming in. The Pie will be distributed in so many pieces and who’ll get the biggest pie is still unknown.
INFY → Too many moving cards
JIOFIN → Bet on the management seems to be the reason. I’ll see 3-4 years down the line how the things pan out for it. but since you have got the same in demerger the cost of the same is more or less 0
Kotak Bank → Stated Above
Misthtaan → No Idea
Nazara → No Idea
Polycab → Too expensive for my cup of tea
SBI Card → interesting business, imo there will be 1 Winner for sure in this cards mega trend but not sure weather the same will be SBI card of others
Star Health → Out of circle of competence
TCI EXP → A good business
Ultratech → I’m more baised towards JK laxmi
WIPRO → Too many needle
Polyplex → can’t share my view due to personal reasons

Over all my thoughts
You seem to have accumalated the business

  1. at very high valuation. some how you started at peak of the market (2021) and still your cost is at peak. I sense FOMO
  2. Too many business → I prefer to track <10-15 business not more than that and from that 10-15, 6-7becomes the part of portfolio
  3. My sense is that you MAY not beat Index too. Because if youu don’t know what you’re buying how will you beat the market?
    that’s my view.
    If you want to discuss any further Reach out to me in DM i’ll be more than happy to connect.
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Thanks for your response.

I have invested in Jubilant ingrevia considering the segments they are working on and future capacity expansion. Recently there have been lot of profit degrowth in the company. Can someone share their views on the company and thesis on revival of the chemical industry?

Nice protfolio.
But you can replace hdfc with icici bank showing good give u more CAGR.
Nazara tech may tax issue hai. Gov kabhi bhi koi bhi action implement kr deti hai. But business model mast h.
Affle- one of my favourite stock but is may bhi Data wala problem hai. If gov data se related koi action Leti hai to is pe effect hoga.
Indigo- kya apko lgta hai ye Asian paint ka market share capture kr skti hai. Asian paint bhi high se 15% se jada correct hua hai.
Kotak Mahandar bank- nice bank value unlocking Baki hai is may. Management may bhi changes hua hai. Dekhte kya changes hota hai.
Hp advise- kabhi study ni kiya iska bre may. Baki stock bhi study ni hai. To no comment on it.

SBI card-may growth ni hogi bahut sre players hai is sector may. Neo banks bhi hai.
Wipro- Ever green stock hai.
Ultratech- Ever green hai.
Polycap - may uncertainty ka atmosphere hai. Wo clear hone ke baad ap entry kr skte company hai. But management ki greed.
Ek example Nayaka mast company hai. But management ne aisa decision liya ki ab usper trust ni hota hai.

hi is ur portfolio in net profit now?

Yes. It’s in net profit now.

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