Change in auditors and directors

Dear Readers
As the topic suggests, I here by wish to discuss one of the most common events happening in the announcements which is changes in the directors and auditors of the company.
Normally in Large companies this type of event are well known to public and discussed in Media.
But in case of medium or small companies happening of this events is not known much to public and reasons of same also not discussed in Media.

Many companies do announce change in directors and auditors and submit declaration to exchanges, but do not provide any insights or proper reasons for the same.
Now this steps may be the positive or negative for the companies, but how to find a the same?
In one case I found chairman removing her wife from board before declaring business unviable and referring the company to CDR.

This type of events may contain red flags in it, how to identify them.
Require some discussion and your views on the topic.