Chaitu portfolio

Godawari power and ispat limited -20%

Balaji amines - 20%

MOIL - 12%

Sukhjit starch - 8%

Dhunseri petro and tea limited -8%

Diamond power limited -8%

sunil hitech -5%

jindal poly -4%

escorts limited -3%

bhel -2%

cantabil -2%


there seem to be too many marginal players and cyclicals in the portfolio.

Stocks I would outright avoid would be diamond power, sunil hitech, cantabil, etc.

Maybe you could write the investment argument in each of the stocks.

Hi Hitesh,

my avg price on diamond power is at 120, i am holding it from more thana year.

i would like to share some info on diamond power.

They are the only players in 400KV cable segment.

recently they started a r&d lab for the same. It is a consistent dividend player .

When it comes to negative points, the debit is high i will accept.

can you justify the diamond power exit ( i mean negative points)

Thanks hitesh for giving me an idea where i am failing in port folio building with a single statement “there seem to be too many marginal players and cyclicals in the portfolio”

Surely i will quit diamond , sunil hitech. When it comes to cantabil just for 2-3 moths i will hold it because of retail fdi.

diamond power promoters are from the city where i reside. I dont want to put too much into words. I have been advised to buy the company since past 3 years and have studiously avoided it to my immense benefit.

and with these cables and transformer players there seems to be a glut in the market. Better be with businesses with better dynamics and characteristics.