Cardona/ADA cryptocurrency

Cardona (the protocol)/ADA (the currency) is aiming to be bitcoin 3.0

Ethereum is bitcoin 2.0 with its smart contract support but I find that the stock market is a better option for me as an investor but someone planning to launch a startup from scratch and needs funding may find an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) useful.

I’m sure most on this forum need no introduction to bitcoin which I find to be a poor man’s alternative to Paypal (someone in a country not supported by Paypal may say otherwise).

Cardano is based on proof of stake which doesn’t require hardware resources to the extent that proof of work does. Previous currencies based on proof of stake have security issues (I previously invested in 2014 in Peercoin which is a proof of stake coin but exited) which Cardano claims to have addressed. Cardano has a lot of claims (its only tech releases are a blockchain and a wallet) but its team and use of academic peer review gives me confidence that the team is doing their best which is all that I can expect from a team.

Currently I can imagine that my bank will allow me to buy ADA and transfer it to another Cardona address. ADA can be earned while trading in computer games or while gambling online. There are other use cases but I have not done enough research to visualize these use cases.

Some useful links about Cardano:

Beginner’s guide to Cardano:

Cardona Documentation:

First video introducing Cardona:

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