Captwist - Investment Research Platform for Non-Financial Data

We(@jhasuraj & I) at Captwist [Twitter handle], are building an investment research platform for in-depth stock analysis. We believe that an in-depth company analysis consists of two major parts:

  1. Understanding reported financial numbers
  2. Understanding the real business by going through company financial documents like Annual Reports, Conference calls, Press Releases as well as financial news.

Investors who understand the true nature of business by going through financial documents generally have an edge over investors who just focus on reported financial data.

Reported financial data is also called structured data as the format is defined. While other published documents are called unstructured data. Historically, structured data have been analyzed extensively to get valuable insights like ROCE analysis, Dupont analysis, and Cash flow analysis.

However Unstructured data, which contains valuable stock signals, have been generally left aside. As this data overload keeps growing, it gets humanly impossible for analysts and investors to make meaningful sense of such data.

AI-powered tools come to help in this task. AI tools can aggregate, query, analyze and leverage such unstructured data to uncover hidden insights. Some of the use-cases can be

  • Searching over data to quickly find relevant information.
  • Identifying important business-related phrases, persons, organizations, and events mentioned in the financial documents and news.
  • Understanding the sentiment and tone of the document without reading.
  • Detecting tables, charts, and graphs present inside the financial documents.

Captwist can help you with the above cases.

We would appreciate it if you explore the website by yourself. But for better clarity, below are the features live at Captwist:

Concall Transcripts

On average, 1000+ companies conduct earnings calls with investors and analysts every quarter. A few weeks like the 6th-8th week of the quarter get very busy. 40+ company conference calls are held during this time period daily. It becomes very cumbersome to track the transcripts of the companies one is interested in.

Currently, we have 10,000+ conference call transcripts covering more than 700 companies. One can easily search the company name and find all its conference call available at Captwist.

To reduce the effort of analysis, we are using NLP to detect important conversations & identify key phrases used during the conference calls. We are also identifying the analysts & organizations mentioned in the call.

All conference calls of companies are searchable so that an investor can quickly find companies that are discussing or have talked about certain events or themes. We believe this would not only help investors in understanding management’s view but also in comparing if management commentary and execution are in line. It can also help in tracking its competitor’s views.


Searching through the increasing information is becoming tougher. Finding something mentioned in conference calls, announcements, and annual reports is second to impossible. Searching for companies talking about investment themes is not possible traditionally. Google is also not of much help either.

With the Captwist search feature, one can easily filter the wheat from the chaff. Below are some interesting searches to try:

increasing raw material price
increase in EBITDA margin

We provide you the list of companies with preview details of the context where the information is residing. It helps discover companies and people discussing the topics one is interested in.

Feeds(Corporate announcements)
On average, 15,000+ corporate announcements come in a month. Reading and filtering out the relevant information can become overwhelming easily. So we are using NLP to process these announcements and filter out what could be relevant. We are extracting relevant phrases, and organizations mentioned in the filings. We are filtering out the important sentences identified in the attachments.

We are also detecting any tables present in the announcements. To make the analysis process easy and faster, we are presenting these details in a compact view. One can easily download these resources for further analysis.

Our news aggregator feature at Captwist provides a quick search over relevant news articles for a company or an organization. It automatically detects, analyzes, and categorizes news based on events and organization.

We are tracking news from various leading news media houses.

Feature backlogs

  • Expanding search from concall transcripts to Investor presentations and press releases.
  • Search features enhancements include a search on analysts and management people.
  • Including coverage of credit rating information on search and company page.
  • Detection of business events like new projects, Capex, Mergers, Demergers, Acquisitions, etc.
  • Investors would be able to get notifications for the defined search criteria.

Please let us know your suggestions so that Captwist can help you better.


Search is not working yet, sign in required for search?

Hi Anand,

The search is working and accessible without login. Did you query something in the search box?

Results will be shown after the query. Refresh the page if needed. Please let me know if you still face the issue.

Unable to search for a company. The company name is prompted when I type in…but it does not capture the company name.

Hi Murali,

Are you facing this for every company or just a few of them?

Can you mention the page URL on which you are encountering this?

It was only for a single company. the url was

It is a good website and has good analysis of con calls. However, guess this is just a one off glitch.


Hi puneet

Very simple & useful especially for concall.

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We are improving the search experience!!! :partying_face:

URL: Search -

Now you are able to search over the 3000+ press releases and 5000+ investor presentations along with 10000+ historic financial documents.

New documents will automatically start appearing in search results when available.

Improvements in search:

  1. Filter the results on month level as compared to year level.

  2. Common redundant words like an, of, the, etc are removed for better relevancy.

  3. Now search for phrases will match their singular, plural, verb third form(ing form), etc.
    For example:
    Searching for “increasing margin” would also return results for “increased margin”, “increases margin”, “increase margin”, “margin increase”, etc.

  4. Now we are also showing the PDFs in the search result itself.

We believe this will help investors find the relevant information quickly.

Check the below resources to effectively use the Captwist search:

Happy Investing!!! :hugs:

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Cloning superstar’s portfolio is good. :blush:

But Understanding how superstars think about business is great. :muscle:

Captwist enables you to track superstar’s conversations across earning calls.

Launching Superstars at Captwist :partying_face:

Bharat Shah, an ace investment guru, recently appeared on the earnings call of

  • Prince Pipes
  • PI Industries
  • Page Industries
  • India Pesticides
  • Aavas Financiers

in February month of this year.

In total, he has attended 108 conference calls and has been mentioned 578 times! :scream:

URL: Bharat Shah conversations

You can also track the conversations of other superstars by clicking the names mentioned on the earnings call page.

To access any superstars’ conversations, type their name in the search box showing

"Show me what " ______ “is discussing” and hit Go :rocket:

Try searching your name in the search box if you have attended conference calls. :grinning:

Happy investing.


have we stopped updating after August, as it seems there is no update available post August?

they were also moving to SUBSCRIPTION MODEL

It was a fabulous product, please bring it back.

Website is not working - what happened?