Can we figure out which company this is?

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TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2011

The Best Alternative Energy Investment To Petrol

Let me ask you a simple question - what would you do if prices of a

certain product kept rising? Let us say prices of red apples kept

rising? They doubled and tripled - while a small minority will

continue to buy red apples, the masses will stop buying it and will

look for an alternative - maybe they will not start buying green

apples. One very interesting part of the investing world is what I

call the concept of “Replacement Investments” - these are things that

have the power to replace something else. So when the e-mail came to

power - it might have been an excellent replacement for the local

post. Now I feel we have an excellent Replacement Investment


Petrol prices have been rising constantly. In fact petrol would have

been one of the best investment someone could have made in the past

year - with several price hikes. While there were ways people could

and still can benefit from these rises - another interesting question

comes to my mind, what happens when petrol prices become too

expensive? What is the best alternative fuel one can invest in that

will help create investor wealth.

Being an investor, is a mix of being a psychologist and being someone

who can predict trends and the way masses will behave to being a

philosopher who can use what spirituality has to teach us. The theory

of Karma which teaches us about what we sow, so shall we reap fits

beautifully in the world of investing. It is one of the most exciting

areas of human life. The rising petrol prices in India will

automatically cause millions and billions of people to move to this

alternative energy source and a few companies will benefit immensely

from this new demand.

Demand for this energy source will rapidly grow in the coming few

years, and the company I have started investing in will be one of the

beneficiaries of this demand. The same way with the Pest affected

company, this investment too is based on a few simple facts about the

way people will behave when it comes to energy. On one hand people

will continue to pay higher prices - but at the other hand they will

constantly try to come up with new ways to reduce these costs. While

with the first option - with the Pest ridden company, we are

benefiting from price rises, with the company I am sharing now, we are

securing the future post that in terms of new alternate energies.

While I am sharing one company from this sector, I feel the entire

sector has immense potential. In the future we could see it emerging

as a large scale sector that tributes to India’s energy needs with

almost every major business group trying to enter it.

Like all our other reports, this too is educational in nature and I

will discourage anyone who has a short term view from reading it. Also

anyone who has a purely academic view is advised not to purchase it,

because like all our other reports, this too comes from the practical

point of view of an investor. It is simple and easy to understand,

because that is how I like to invest.

You can e-mail Karan atinfo@happionaire.comto find out how you can

access this report on The Best Alternative Energy Investment To


Happy investing and learning!

Yogesh Chabria


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I could not find any details in the post above which will give us any clue about the firm.

But if I have to play blind … i can put my money on

1). Praj

2). Websol

3). XL Tele

4). Suryachakra




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Since he’s mentioned that it’s an alternative to Petrol, I was thinking it could be and LPG company or even Solar companies mentioned above cannot be ruled. However, wasn’t so sure how solar companies could serve as alternative to petrol.




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I meant it could be ‘an’ LPG company above. Sorry for the confusion.

Views invited please.




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I think it is one of IGL, Confidence Petroleum and Petronet LNG. Views invited.

I guess I agree with Sreeselva, its got to be Confidence Petroleum. Its not only doing LPG, but doing it probably in every dimension. As an alternative through Auto LPG. And supply of LPG through cylinders and bottling it too. Metering solutions through tie up with a Chinese company. So multi dimensional play on LPG, with good balance sheet, growth potential and multi bagger scope.



I think the space he is talking about is CNG which is environment friendly, much cheaper than lpg, and much safer.

Companies in this space are

Guj Gas

Indraprastha Gas



And among the whole lot, Guj Gas seems to be the best bet in terms of management bandwidth, financials etc.

Hi Hitesh,

Confidence Petroleum is also into CNG space, but still growing in that space. And going by the recent news where Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has come out strongly in favor providing alternative cooking fuels to villagers living in and around forests. At present, villagers depend on firewood, which they collect from these forests. Ramesh has argued for targeted subsidizing of cooking gas for 1,72,000 villages that depend on forest wood for cooking. He has written to Petroleum Minister Jaipal Reddy to take the idea forward. “There are about 1.7 lakh villages in and around our forest areas and if we can have a distribution system for providing LPG, I think we would have taken a huge step forward in protecting our forests” wrote Ramesh.

Additionally, governmentâs earlier announced initiative to implement the Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitran Yojana for supplying LPG connections to deep rural areas would create a huge demand for LPG in India. The PSU majors would require appointing 3,000 LPG dealers in rural areas.

And considering as on today, that Confidence Petroleum is the largest LPG cylinder manufacturer and also a pioneer in LPG bottling, guess they are doing to be one of the largest beneficiaries from this move.


It can also be Adsorbed Natural Gas where Confidence Petroleum had signed a deal with Energtek, Israel though I don’t think this has started yet.

Confidence Petroleum and Aegis Logistics are into ALDS(Auto LPG Dispensing System). Aegis Logistics has a tie up with Essar to use their petrol pumps for this. So these also can be in the report.