Can someone review my portfolio?

Hello everyone,

I’m Sibi and I have been investing over the since 2018 onwards. I’m working in the Consulting domain.

I’m trying to learn the art of investing through his platform and I have been reading on investing through various sources ranging from Value Research, SOIC, Shankar Nath, Twitteratis like Gurjot Ahluwalia, Shekhar (Rising Eleven).

I would like to know your review on my portfolio. I don’t whether is over-diversified as I have about 25-26 stocks an average. Would like to know your inputs.

Could you please review my portfolio as well? I am a newcomer to investing and have recently started building my portfolio. By the end of this year I plan to add 6-7 stocks.


Welcome to the community

One can have opinion on individual stock names, but before someone can give an opinion on your portfolio I think you should be able explain by defining and identifying certain things like the underlying factors that led you to build this portfolio.

For example, ask yourself;

  1. Are you a conservative, moderate, or aggressive investor?
  2. What’s your risk appetite?
  3. Degree of volatility which won’t let you loose your sleep
  4. Capacity to suffer, e.g., for someone betting on deep value or businesses in temporary headwinds may not make any money in the short - medium term
  5. Doing SIP in these stocks over a period

Such questions help you build reasonable expectations from your investments and since everyone has a unique style, recognising which investment style is suited to your temperament is very important. The earlier you do this, the better.

These questions may also help one understand your reasoning behind holding some highly valued stocks, and stocks that are facing headwinds, some that haven’t done well in last 1-2 years.

Read…read…read… learn about different investing styles and test them with small % of PF and keep evolving as an investor. Its Journey that every investor has to go through. Also I’d encourage you to learn basic technicals like Moving average, horizontal support & resistance lines, price & volume action, stage analysis to help with your investing in cutting losses, protecting from a falling knife etc.

Good Luck in your journey !!!

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Please give rationale for each investment so that anyone can give their thoughts meaningfully.

@SriniEquity please open your own PF review thread with rationale of each of your investments instead of using this thread.

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