Can I mark a thread as unread to again revisit it later?

Dear admin team,

I was trying to look for a flag for me to revisit a page or may be an unread marking (like in emails) so that I can revisit a thread again on my laptop if I viewed in my mobile.


  1. Need to download an attachment and save to my computer
  2. Big article/interview posted as a link looks great but need to revisit

I lost a very important page as I cannot recollect which thread carried that article in one of these kind of situation.
So is there a way for me ? I am relatively new to VP and learning the tricks…while trying to keep good principles of any public forums in mind

I too face this same issue…

Recently there was a video uploaded with the message that GST is going to kill or wipe out…

I made a mental note of it… but later could not find that video…

There should be options to save certain posts as favourites so as to come and read them later any number of times…

Some of the posts are lengthy, but brilliant to understand in one reading.

@12years @james_kerala You can bookmark the post (first click on to left of ‘Reply’ button)

& revisit it later by clicking on your profile icon.


Thank you! That is very useful. Will try it out.

You should learn to like or bookmark the posts that you want to return to. Bookmarking is better since likes cannot be ‘disliked’ later on.

Here’s how I separate signal from the noise. You could adopt or modify this to suit your needs. As with any forum on the net, there are gurus and fools/trolls on this forum. There’s much to learn and profit from the wisdom of the gurus. Conversely, there’s lot to lose by listening to fools. Since Discourse (software used for this forum) doesn’t allow us to follow members on this forum, I have devised a system to not miss posts by the gurus. Here’s how:

  1. Spend some time on the forum to find the Guru whose posts you don’t want to miss.

  2. Add the guru’s activity feed to your favourite RSS reader. Feedly is my choice. For example,
    My activity page:
    Corresponding RSS feed:

  3. Find more gurus and repeat step 1 & 2.

With this system, you won’t miss any important posts on this forum.


@vasuadiga and @VIFL -
That was very useful too.
Another question.

Is there way to reget what I missed…like a keyword search in VP forum ?
for example, I believe there was two links posted on sector overview of speciality chemicals (if I remember correctly) in some one’s PF or some company thread which I cannot remember now. Is there a way to search like that of google search ? I tried keyword google search like
"sector overview specialty chemicals " but could not get it. I might have missed which sector it was making it more tough to figure out…But it was sector research report.

The search feature of the site is quite robust, as long as you remember a few specific words in the post.

Do you mean these links?

Regarding Chemicals, you may read these Phillip Capital Reports on the sector to take a call.

I had posted them in this thread.

As an example, if you had searched ‘regarding chemicals’, or ‘phillip capital reports’, this post would be among the search results.


You are the man! Exactly these I was hunting for! and thank you.

This is very useful to track any specific label as well. For example I discovered accelerated-learning as good label and could find posts from earlier years where I was not a member. So to track a label for changes we can use and tracking that would give an idea of top contributors and leaders to keep an eye on.

Just stated here thinking it would be useful for some newbies later!

RSS Feeds have stopped working at my end. Anyone else facing the same issue?
This is post the website update recently.