Can an investor raise a complaint for no response?

Hi, I have been writing to and calling the management / investor relations of a company I am invested in (Lypsa Gems and Jewellery Limited) but with no response. As a retail investor what are my options to raise a complaint with the regulator ? I came across SEBI Scores webpage, but that does not seem to provide an option to create a new login and raise a complaint. Any suggestions would be welcome


Ashwin - thanks for posting the question. I have the same experience on another microcap. Hope that someone on this forum can share hoe to elicit a response.

Hi…I also share the same concern…every quarter I understand the company submit shareholders complaints and griveance. Not sure how to bring out complaint there.may be we need to include some SEBI email id in the mail we sent to company

Will check it out.

Ram in the initial screen you will see a picture of someone typing on a keyboard. Click on it. You will be taken to a form that needs to be filled.

Please read this economic times article for more info

I did read a moneylife article that was very critical of this scores process. Given the nature of “investor protection” in India would request that you keep your expectations Low. You might be pleasantly surprised then.


Thanks so much Shivram. Very helpful, will give it a shot :slight_smile:

Did any one tried to lodge the complain when a company is not responding to Investor’s question? Whether it was resolved after complaining?

Most management company secretaries are busy
If you threaten them that you will complain to bse they tend to answe faster than actually going via bse
Everyone is busy and people sometimes do deserve second, third or more chances
Patience is a good virtue to have when investing in stocks

Thanks for your response. Yes I agree that we should give enough time & 2-3 chances to response.
But what I am concern is that if after giving enough time & 2-3 chances, If we complain to SEBI does it get resolved?
I was trying to lodge a complain to SEBI - SCORE website but after registration the Complain Form is not getting open. Does any one had faced this problem & how I can resolve that?

May be try to change your browser… Try Internet Explorer (not edge)…

I have tried Internet Explorer & Chrome both. But still same issue.