Calling all Senior Boarders_Uma Portfolio

Dear seniors,

I am new bee into this value pickr…but having enough experience in stock market.

Earlier i used to invest in Mutual funds…but 6 months back i have switched all of MF holdings into stocks. following is my portfolio which is a sizeable amount of xxx worth…(edited out - Admin)

page - 10%

Mayur - 10%

Ajanta phama - 10%

Alembic phama - 8%

Natco phama - 6%

Poly med - 6%

Gruh finance - 5%

Repco home fin. - 5%

PI Ind - 5%

Astral - 5%

Cera - 5%

Amara raja - 5%

Atul Auto - 5%

La opala - 5%

Kavei seeds - 4%

Kajaia - 3%

Supeme ind - 3%

Total 17 stocks…

please suggest any modifications needed to optimise the returns…my risk tolerance is aggressive.

as present PF value is xxx …(edited out- Admin). Is it needed to diversify further for that amount or these stocks enough…?

please give me u r valueble suggestions…

Welcome to Valuepickr. Please refrain from disclosing the size of the portfolio(Rs). Valuepickr community measures one’s networth by quality discussion/contribution in the forum.

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I wouldnt suggest being in La-opala.

Hi Divi Rao

Ur selection of stocks is spot on… I think u need to sit on these stocks and add more to the tail part of portfolio… I would prefer more allocation to kaveri seeds, which is very well discussed on valuepickr thread.

Dear Hitesh,

Yes i will incease the allocation to kaveri…

what is u r opinion on number of stocks in relation to PF size.

I am not doing any trading.just these r for longterm investment…say 10 years…in 10 years…i want to see 10 fold returns…

if i add tail end of portfolio…top end of PF allocation gets reduced…but i want to keep or increase allocation to top end…

views invited…

Dear Ashwini,

what r the odds against La opala…any fundamental problem or growth issue or any corporate goverance issue…

Divi Uma Maheswara Rao

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Dear Admin,

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when i am posting ,those are automatically coming…after posting only i come know about these images or signatures.

sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Dear admin,

again it has come…how to avoid this…

Dear Divi,

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