Buying and selling of stock

I have a doubt on buying and selling my stocks thru sharekhan. I had 3293 stock of basant agro at a avg price of 7.85. The avg price mentioned was seen in my portfolio.
I sold 1293 stock at 9.38. And the next day I see that my avg price which was 7.85 was changed to 8.10.
How did this happen. Just to understand if any one could Pls help me

Check your profit also…
Is it 1293*(9.38-7.85)…
I guess it is more than that…
I think you didn’t noticed the extra
gains :slight_smile:️
It is because, you buy different qty at different price.
and when you sell…it is on the basis of either LIFO (LAST IN FIRST OUT) or FIFO(FIRST IN FIRST OUT)…so average price will change accordingly…
I hope I am clear…


To understand if the value shown is erroneous or not, need to understand your purchase.

Did you buy in one lot at a set value OR gave a market order where the buying was done in an increasing price range with the average COST mentioned before you sold.

Now selling is on FIFO I.e. the shares you bought first (potentially at a lower cost) will be sold first. Naturally the cost average of remaining shares goes up.

Please check the purchase details, it will give itemised details of all buying with pice and quantities.

Hope this clarifies.

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Isn’t average cost across all of the purchased shares held? How can it be average if it is different for multiple buys?

FIFO is understood, but avg price should not change with a sell?


Attaching here with my transaction details

Here is the illustration why your current holding average cost is higher than it was earlier (before you sold)

Hope this clarifies.


Thank you so much sir