Business Idea / Gap / Requirement in the Investing / Stock Market Field

I believe that there is currently no dedicated thread for discussing new business ideas in the field of investing. Hence, I am creating this post with the hope that it will benefit fellow entrepreneurs who wish to dive deeper into the world of business.

An idea can change the life. Please feel free to take inspiration from this thread, work on these ideas, execute them effectively, and build upon them. Also share business idea - may helpful to some.


I have been an entrepreneur for quite some time, which has given me an edge in identifying ideas, gaps, and white spaces in various fields. However, I often do not pursue these opportunities further due to a lack of passion or expertise.

Investing is such a field; I frequently come across intriguing investment ideas that I would like to share with others.

Idea 1:

I follow Basant M’s YouTube channel. I don’t agree with everything he does and this is not recommendation of any sort. I do take away some positive aspects from his content. Two things that I appreciate about him are his passion about stock market and hard work. He initiated his YouTube channel and has consistently produced two videos every day.

Now, onto the idea - Recently, he introduced “Basant Meet,” where he engages with people one-on-one and charges them 50k for this service. In a recent question, he mentioned that he conducts 7-8 BM meetings per day. This clearly indicates a demand for such services. People are willing to pay for your guidance on investment, personal finance, stock-specific queries, and more.

The demand is evident. However, to succeed in this venture, you either need to establish a track record of success or collaborate with a well-known personality whom people trust and are willing to pay for their knowledge.

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Idea 2:

I’m not certain if what I’m mentioning is currently available, but there have been times when I myself have looked for such a service.

Many well-known individuals offer stock analysis services where they select specific stocks and provide detailed reports. However, is there a service that allows me to provide you with a specific stock and in return, you furnish me with a comprehensive report about that particular stock? Furthermore, if I want to delve deeper, like with my interest in ABC stock – whether it falls under microcap or small cap, or if it operates in sectors like agritech or chemicals where my knowledge is limited. In such cases, I could approach you, make the payment, and receive comprehensive reports to assist me in making my investment decisions.


Idea 3:

Find a niche area that aligns with your core strengths, focus on building expertise in it. Spend months and years creating a loyal subscriber base. Once you have a substantial following, consider monetization.

e.g. Take as an example. Tar is very knowledgeable and hardworking. His weekly wrap has gained significant popularity. He dedicates over 30 hours to creating his weekly wrap, providing valuable content such as market summaries, research analysis, technical insights, and high-quality signals for many years. He has been able to amass over 25k subscribers. Recently, he monetized this weekly newsletter at Rs. 1500 per annum. If even 5% of his subscribers convert to paid subscribers, his revenue will reach approximately 20 Lakhs.

Similarly, you can select a niche area such as Special Situations (mergers, buybacks, etc.). or say your industry vertical. Focus solely on this niche, become an expert in it, and offer your services for free for several months or even years. Once you have built a substantial audience, consider monetizing a portion of it while keeping the rest of your services free.

Disclaimer: I do not personally know Tar. This is simply a business idea for reference.

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