Bulk Deal data confusion

Hello Fellow members,
I am looking bulk deal data from last 1 or 2 months, and I see same day, same client will buy and sell many stocks. How to interpret/understand this data? example given below


it is intraday trading in big quantities my friend, since no of shares traded are higher (and fall under regulatory purview) hence need to be reported in bulk deals.

Hope it helps !!!

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Adroit seems to use bulk deal a lot as a part of their strategy.

I used this google search query to check

Thanks Vivek,
I need to find out genuine bulk deals. By genuine I mean some one sold/bought good amount. So If I exclude the list which has same security and same client name does hat suffice? or there are some more tricks which newbies like me need to be aware of.

This is indeed very strange. Iā€™m not sure what benefit would arise from such a transaction where a huge number of shares are bought and sold intraday at the same price.

The screenshot I have posted is strange indeed. But I have seen many transactions happening as below
BUY - 1,00,00,000 shares at 100 & sell 1,00,50,000 at 103. Basically same client had already 50k shares with them. They trade another 1cr shares today and sell of 1.05 cr shares at 103. Makeing profit of 3cr+ profit booking from 50k shares.

It is a bit tricky, let me try to summarize my understanding.

  1. You can negate intraday and positional trades this way.
  2. For leftover data you would also need to refer to quarterly share holding patters to validate.
  3. There are some of twitter and business channel celebrities which use it to their advantage. They buy in bulk and when retail ppl find out they(retail) take the prices higher. Now these smart guys sell in smaller chunks. And by the time you know the person whom you follow has sold, you are trapped :).

So smart money can trick you sometimes :slight_smile: