Building new Portfolio during this crash

Dear all,

I regret missing this kind of guidance on portfolio scrips in my last 4 years of investing. I am currently having NIL stocks in my portfolio. I want to build the portfolio for 03 Lakh in this market crash by end SEP 13. I have a long list of 25 scrips as favoured in this forum and investmentsupergrowth by Mr Kukkuji..

Not sure what to avoid and what to buy.... Seniors please advise scrips to be picked up for longterm among these for my portfolio. Thank you all in advance for participation.

The scrips are:-

Nilkamal Ltd Nahar Spinning First Leasing Elecon Engg.Co

Can Fin Homes PTC India Navneet Publicat Paper Products

Engineers India B H E L Alembic Pharma Repco Home Fin

Yes Bank Unichem Labs. GRUH Finance Poly Medicure

VST Till. Tract. Dewan Housing P I Inds. Page Industries

Kaveri Seed Co. Karur Vysya Bank TV18 Broadcast SpiceJet

Cummins India Amara Raja Batt.

Dear Charish

Can fin, Yes bank, VST tillers, Kaveri, Amara raja ( though some issue of corporate governance ), Gruh finance, Repco and Polymedicure (promoter group and vadra land issue ) Page, Pi are some of the best from the lot…

You can go through individual stock thread and take a final call.



Hi charish,
Nilkamal looks very cheap at present levels,has a decent div. yield too.But I would prefer Supreme Ind. or better still,if you wanna be in CPVC/PVC segment,you can surely look at Astral Poly.Alembic P. is on a growth path & is pretty cheap compared to the growth that seems achievable on an yearly basis.Good stock to own.Unichem,PI Ind.,Amara Raja,Gruh,Page,Kaveri,Poly Medicure are all actively discussed on ValuePickr.You can go through their threads :slight_smile: Karur Vysya is also good but why not buy HDFC Bank or IndusInd? Excellent,well run banks.I personally like Cummins too but the current macro makes these stocks(Cummins,BHEL) look cheaper while they undergo a depression in earnings.The fall in Yes Bank has scared me,so I won’t look at it.Don’t know anything about the others.
My list would be: Amara Raja,Alembic P.,Kaveri,PI Ind,Supreme/Astral,Page/Gruh,HDFC Bk/IndusInd Bank.
You can develop your own conviction levels & allocate accordingly.
Happy Investing.

Thank you so much… General feeling of being left out is scaring my decision… Looking at Kaveri, page, Astral, Supreme … all had solid run up and were multibaggers… just wondering will that continue or other beaten down stocks fancy catch up??? Will they atleast double in next 3 years?? Thats the reason i have included cummins, BHEL, KVB, Nilkamal etc…

One thing you must do after checking the price history,is to check the financial performance over those years.The stocks I mentioned have a very good track record & have a good market position in their segments.Moreover,they are still doing well & their valuations are not demanding.Page/HDFC Bk/Gruh can be compounders…best case scenario would be 2X in 2 years.Astral/Supreme/Kaveri/PI/Alembic P. should give better returns.BHEL/Cummins are macro dependent stocks,so no respite for them still.

I have One Lakh to pick up stocks… Thought of going with PI Ind, Kaveri Seeds, Poly Med, Unichem, Alembic Pharma, Can Fin homes ( I already have Gruh) and Mayur

Please suggest any other picks or avoid any one above? Also the approx value for each… Please consider this as a request


My picks would be
1.Astral poly
2.Ajanta Pharma

4.Tech Mahindra/TCS

5.PI industries

6.Kaveri seeds

7.Avanti feeds

8.Alembic pharma

Its important to buy stocks at the right price and have enough conviction to add/hold them even if prices fall.