Bugs! Beware!

We have tried to provide you with a finished product to the best of our ability. However its inevitable some bugs will appear as we go through real-world testing. Please put the stock screener through the grind and alert us when you spot something.

Encountered problems? Frustrated? Wish someone would listen to you and take care of irritants, however small or a show-stopper as they may be.

Please help us improve your user experience!This is the place to report anything that you notice by way of errors. We will listen carefully, collate problems and try and solve the issues, as soon as we possibly can.


Current Known Issues

1). MySQL server gone away

Occasionallyyou may find this error message.This error is related to inactivity for more than 9 hours!


Just refreshing the page will clear this. [F5]

2). No companies matching your query - Predefined Guru Screens and other predefined Screens

This is anotherintermittentproblem we are trying to nail down. For a predefined screen if you see Count =0 in all the steps, know that its this known issue!


Just refreshing the page will clear this. [F5]

3). Longish load time for Company View

When you click on a company name in the Stock Screener results, it will take a few more seconds than you would anticipate. This is because the view has lot of computed-on-the-fly data including industry medians for several parameters. Once you have looked at the view though, you will probably say it was worth the wait!


We will implement our multi-layered caching architecture shortly, which should take care of this irritant.

1.This is a known bug, the snapshots of stocks take too much time to load. However if i try opening 2 or more stock snapshots simultaneously on different tabs,i get an error. Also, if i execute a new screen while the multiple snapshots are still loading, that also fails.

2). We are getting the above delay due to the extensive amount of calculations on the fly,can we not split it all up? So a snapshot should be exactly that a small summary about the stock(Mcap,price,volume,52wk high/low etc) & then we can have separate links/tabs for Historical Valuation,Ratios,Performance,Statements etc. So now, only if the user wants to , he can click on the specific link & u will have to do the calculation only then.

I don’t know the internal implementation & have very little idea about MySql & databases & i am not sure if my suggestion is implementable or not.

Snapshots are pretty light on execution until recently - less than a second.I insisted on Industry medians being included in the Snapshots:)), as part of original plan. Whenever we need to show Industry median, you are going to have a problem in current scheme of things. and more the number of medians getting calculated, the worse.

like I said before industry median for a variable is computation intensive. A robust caching mechanism looks like is our immediate priority. Please bear with this situation for some time, till we figure out how/what best to do here.

The Phil Fisher screen gave me a 503 Service unavailable error.

Taken note of this. This was executing properly, perhaps this happened again on multiple executions taking place. Am checking.

This screen is heavy in Industry Median calculations. That is what makes the computation intensive. for industry median for a variable in a screen, there are multiple loops. first get passing companies -say 1000, for each company, locate its industry, pick up all companies in its industry, get the corresponding variable & calculate the median!

This should get sorted out once we upgrade our caching mechanism. Please bear for some time.


The latest release takes care of all known issues. All screens including those with Industry Medians get served within 2s. Check all the screens out and let us have your feedback!

Hi Donald,

This is great work. Luv the look and feel now. Ability to create our own filters and then screen stocks is the best i have seen so far. I have noticed a couple of issues/bugs which are given below.

a) While historical valuation is shown, the data is not adjusted for bonus or splits and it tends to give wrong figures and also some stocks showup in the screener when they should not be there. Some sample stocks that you check for are Engineers India, Navneet publications and Bajaj Electricals.

b) The site search and company search in the home page (header)overlaps the Forums and other links. Probably the placement got mixed up.

Once again…I have never seen a quality site like this in India before. For that matter, it can compete any global site that is available today. Real professional work.



Hi Ravi, (header)overlaps Could you please tell me the browser and version you are using. I just found that this happens to only Internet Explorer version prior to 8 (IE7 and IE6)?

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: and i’ll ask Donald to look at the data errors.


Hi shibin,

I use IE8.The overlap issue is resolved now after you have moved it. Things are nice and clear.



Hi Ravi, (header)overlaps :))

Hi apologies for opening up this thread again, is this still the correct place to report bugs, or is there some other place where we should report bugs :slight_smile: