Bug-Data Error

Wrong data for AvgMktCap data is being displayed (and is probably is stored in the database as well). I just ran a query which has AvgMktCap and it showed me all wrong companies.

AvgMktCap is the Average Market Capitalisation of companies in the stock DB. AvgMktCap for ValuePickr stock DB is ~1795 Cr.A term like this is usually used to set the universe of stocks before querying.

For e.g. Step 1 could beMktCap>AvgMktCap -this will return only those companies with MarketCap >1795 Cr. See an example of this in the classic O’shaughnessy value stock screen Link: …/…/…/…/screener/guru-screens/OShaughnessy%20Cornerstone%20Value%20Screen/execute

Incase you wanted a filter step which looks for companies with Market Capitalisation say >50 Crs, please use

MktCap>50 rather than AvgMktCap>50.

Hope this helps. Otherwise please reproduce the exact steps/filters used so we can investigate what you are referring to.