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Dear Valuepickr Participants and Moderators,

Here I am sharing my investing journey and learn more from everyone on this amazing platform. Have tried to keep all guidelines in mind while writing this.

Started my investing journey in Jan 2016. Initially due to lack of Knowledge and Experience invested in a lot of companies without research like Sintex, Quickheal, SpiceJet. Slowly started learning more about the markets and tried to create a more focused and highly researched portfolio. Portfolio is quite concentrated but focus has been on going indepth to research a company and stay with conviction through bad times

In 7+ years have been able to garner a 23-24% XIRR CAGR. Please do let me know your opinions and thoughts on my portfolio, here to learn more. Thanks in advance to help me learn and grow.


Jash Eng
Started buying this at 250. Bought this as saw a huge market in terms of waste water processing, human drinking water and other liquid processing plants. Gates market was huge, and was the only company with a decent history, had taken over Rodney hunt in US and started turning it around. Still find is a great business, as Rodney hunt has started to garner huge orders and a lot of competitors have other shut shop or cannot match price. management call have been very very honest, clear and with a clear vision

Action Contruction
Bought this as a proxy to the infra boom and the kind of diversification in terms of cranes, agri and metrical handling. Having seen the government’s vision interns of Infra and manufacturing this was a good proxy play. Still feel there is a lot of growth left

Gufic Bio
Started buying this at 150. Having one of the largest lyophilisation facilities, they invested in IVF as a segment and botox way ahead of the market. The promoter pranav chokes in multiple calls has spoken about how to grow in pharma innovation is needed and his thought clarity is something I like in terms of how he sees the future. Valuation might be out of the band, but a lot of growth avenues in the company with a new facility in Indore coming about

Proxy to Defence. Has been doing great things in this space and has garnered decent customers

Apcotex Ind
Started buying this in 2021 In an industry where margins are extremely volatile and incertain they managed to keep their realisation and margins always stable and better than the industry. They turned around their acquired subsidiary very efficiently. In comparision to its peers, it has done very decently and have a clear vision with Apco build as a vertical and new plant coming in .

They manufactures steel and alloy casting products. they have an extensive product range: from 2.5 Kg to 2,500 Kg. Having added additional capacities in a bad market and 1 industry contributed to their revenues majority. Slowly when the tide turned they diversified industries, added new products and garnered very good customers. They worked a lot on their power costs to reduce it, and seeing good traction from US Railways

Vishnu Chemicals
Started adding in 2021 Decent product basket, with a lot of their competitors in both barium and Chromium struggling. Have diversified their industry contribution to revenue decently. build the Chromium plant in a way where they can cater to different industry. Vision is to the same with Barium .

Vidhi Spec
Had the best/ premium products in this industry. Have been talking about reducing trading revenues, which finally happened in the previous quarter. Industry is in a downturn, but volumes are decent. New plant should help them grow handsomely

Indian Hotels
Indian hotels was a great proxy for the tremendous travel and tourism growth seen India, specially in the domestic travel. With indian hotels moving more towards managed hotels, and closing down bad assets, it seems to be a decent play going ahead too

Aaron ind, Navneet bought for tracking purpose. Aaron being the only listed elevator ancillary stock and navneet to play the education theme

This is my first post, so apologies for any mistakes.

Would love to hear thoughts on this

Thank you


Started adding Linc.

After Pentonic they have seen very decent growth. With current pens at 10Rs and their vision to increase this to 20 and above and constantly growing the touch points should help them grow decently.
Their Plan also remains to strengthen Pentonic and focus on 10+Rs pen