Broker research access

Dear boarders, would appreciate your inputs on the following:

  1. I was curious which brokers you find useful for small cap and micro cap? I understand Nirmal Bang and HDFC are prolific, any others?
  2. How can one get access to their research? Do you need to get to a certain asset size/turnover?


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Edelweiss has kept their research report platform open to retail investors too.

Reports are alright.

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Check the below links:


HDFC all reports are available for free. I thinks it works in their interest to keep it free and as more people will read a buy recommendation and buy stock and fuel the stock price up.

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Moneycontrol Elite platform is great tool to access wide range of brokerage house research reports.

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Except for one or two all posts are quite old and not updated.

Motilal Oswal is also publicly available I believe. It is superb for midcaps too.

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Axis direct all reports are available for free.

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hi - can you share the link please if you dont mind?

Hi Vinay,

I think this might be the link
You would need to register; registration is free. Once registered you should be able to access all the publicly available stuff.


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rakesh jhunjhunwala fan site has research reports from various agencies.

Markets mojo and trendlyne not bad for free reports

Dsij also not bad