Bring familiarity to "ValuePickr" for Scuttlebutt

Most of us will agree that Scuttlebutt is one of the best way know/investigate about a company/investment. Those of us who have tried to talk to managments/analyst/jounalist etc would agree that talking to completely unknown person gives a feeling of cold if not chill to the other person.

Therefore I propose that we should try and develop somekind of familiarity around ‘Valuepickr’ with the sole purpose of facilitating Scuttlebutt.

Ofcourse we will need to develop lot of rules/disclosure/approval mechanics around this idea.

But my first question does this make sense to Senior members of the forum?

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VP members have been doing scuttlebutt for many years. Please contribute your scuttlebutt results into individual threads.

Thanks for commenting. The point I am trying to make is that the community should try and build some familiarity/brand value of “ValuePickr” so that people can recognize ValuePickr?

For example let us say a member (who is allowed) wish to talk Investor relation of Asian Paints and tell him I am talking from “ValuePickr”. Investor relation of Asian Paints should recognize “ValuePickr” and be ready to spend sometime with him.

A group of ValuePickr Scuttlebutters.