Borosil Limited

apparently, it’s trading around borosil’s valuation multiples, be it p/e, p/b, ev/ebitda or p/s…

Hi a slightly novice question but how do we account for the acquisition of these shares? Will the share price be zero buy value?

yes it will be priced as zero acquisition value


As per my understanding we are supposed to take 46.5% of the initial buy average price.

Thats the basis for price adjustment as per me, in the past I also got shares of Borosil Renewables and they have been at 0 acquisition cost, because as an investor we receive shares without any cost price…but you can consult your CA for right advice…

@samm2211 @UrvilShah acquisition cost for bonus shares is zero. For demergers, the company in the scheme document gives a ratio / percentage as to how you should split your original cost of acquisition between the two shares


its not showing the average cost for me in zerodha, what average cost should I put, I got shares from demerger, I did not buy them. anyone can please shed a light on this ?

On 5th December 2023 (which was demerger date) share price of Borosil Ltd reduced from 445 to 375.
So you have paid around 70rs for Borosil Scientific.
Even if your cost of Borosil Scientific is showing as 0 but you have actually paid around 70rs which is deducted from your Borosil Ltd on 5th December.