Books you read in 2012


Let’s share what stock market/investing related book we have read in 2012, and which one we find interesting so that we can learn from each other mini reviews.

1: One Up on Wall Street

2: Damodaran on Valuation
3: The Dhandho Investor
4: The Little Book That Beats the Market
5: The Little Book That Builds Wealth
6: The Little Book That Makes You Rich
7: The Little Book of Common Sense Investing
8: The Little Book of Value Investing
9: Poor Charlie’s Almanack
10: More Than You Know
11: The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing
12: The Intelligent Investor
13: Value Investing: The Sanjay Bakshi Way

I loved “One Up in the wall street”, “Poor Charlie’s Almanac”, and “The five rules of successful stock investing” the most amongst the all, and they will be in my once-year reading list for ever.

The intelligent Investor was bit above my head, in my 1st reading. Need to re-read the same again to grasp its full meaning. The little book of value investing was a better read, which explains the concept in a much better way.

Two other book that I liked most are, The Dhando Investor and The Little Book That Beats the Market. The second book is rare category of book that talks about growth investing.

Please share what books you read in 2012, and which amongst them, you find the most usefull, so that we all can get benefited from it.

I read following books.

1). One up on Wall Street
2). Against the Gods
3). The Dhandho Investor
4). Poor Charlie’s Almanack
5). Seeking Wisdom
6). Influence

I think so from this the best is One up on Wall Street.I like the Poor Charlie’s Almanack but I have to re-read it to get more from it. I would also recommend Seeking Wisdom as it is good book.

I read the following

1). Who says elephant can’t dance - Story of IBM turnaround written by “Louis Gertner”, the man who managed it. One of the mostawesomebook i read this year and I loved every bit of it.

2). Dhando investor - simple and easy reading.

3). The Rational Optimist - A book which speaks about the financial history of mankind. Will help to think long term and not be worried about short term issues in the market.

4). Common Stocks uncommon profits - provides a 15 point guide to finding well managed growth companies.

5). Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds. - A master piece, and one can only wonder that these are all real life instances of when crowds literally went mad.

6). Fives rules of successful stock investing - Pat Dorsey. I’ll highlyrecommendthis to any beginner.

7). Margin of Safety - Currently reading.

I would like/need to read many of these books again, probably this year or in next 1-2 years as i didn’t retain much of it in my head.

I read

1). Thinking Fast, and Slow by Daniel Kahneman … excellent book to understand behaviour and decision making. Straight from the horses mouth, as behavioural finance is based mainly on the Prospect Theory developed by Kahneman with Amos Tversky.

2). Rich Dad poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki … Changes the way of looking at personal finance and develop anEntrepreneurialspirit.

3). The Richest Man in babylon by George S. Clason … must read for everyone. Small and compact, can be finished in one sitting. Also available as free ebook.

4). The checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande … Insight that we can take control of many things we leave to chance.

5). Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman … Reading this currently.

6). Re-read main chapters of Intelligent Investor … need to make this a habit of re-reading Classics as suggested by fellow valuepickrs.

I have read only one book completely and two other in progress.I need to improve this in 2013

1.One up on wall street

2.Common Stock and Uncommon Profits (half done)

3). Warren Buffet letter to shareholders(half way i know this is not book but more than that!)

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Recalled 2 more books that i read this year :slight_smile:

8). Snowball - Warren Buffet’s bio

9). Damn Right - Charlie Munger’s bio.

I am a slow reader. I have read the following books:

  1. The Big Money: Seven Steps to Picking Great Stocks and Finding Financial Security byFrederick R Kobrick

2.Finding the Next Starbucks:How to Identify and Invest in the Hot Stocks of Tomorrow by Michael Moe

3.Reminiscencesof aStock Operator by Edwin Lefevre(Currently Reading)

I have read following books in 2012:
1.Buffett: The Making Of An American Capitalist by Roger Lowenstein - this is real nice book and narrates the thinking behind WB’s acquisitions. Excellent story telling skills of author.

2.The Tao of Warren Buffett : Mary buffet, its about compilation of words of wisdom from WB. I think not recommended if you already gone thru WB’s annual letters/other books on WB.

3.Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements : by Mary buffet , this book really helped me as I am not from accounting background. This book talks about interpreting financial statements, mainly from value investing perspective.

4). Beating the street by Peter Lynch. I personally owe a lot to Lynch, my stock quotient dramatically increased after I read one up on wall street :-), I have beenprocrastinating reading this book for long time and managed to finish itthis year.

5). Dhando investor: Not sure if I m the only one , but I felt this book is slightly overrated.

6). Pat Dorsey: 5 rules successful investing: excellent book!.. DCF concept is best explained in this book…

Resolution for 2013:
Margin of Safety

All books with name"The little book that****"

Munger’s letters to WESCO shareholders

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I can say that i am an avid reader and read 80+ book in 2012. Interested people can have a look at them @



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