Books that shaped Surya kanth

In chronological order I would like to mention books that have influenced me and changed my attitude. Looking back, Now I am totally different from what I am and that is because:

1). Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham:**

This book, today I feel, is completely about why to buy low and sell high and how to do it. Apart from Net-Nets, cigar-butts etc it introduces the investor to many things like convertibles bonds etc etc…

**2). Warren Buffet’s Letters: **

No Match. I loved them. I tracked every investment of Buffet and wrote my own notes on Moats valuations ideas attitudes in that order. Buffet was very helpful in understanding business. Buffet can invest in no-brainers. He can make money in distressed debts and also in underwriting(Insurance is the toughest of the businesses i believe.). A must-read.

3). One up on wallstreet - Peter Lynch:

A masterpiece. My favourite. The difference I found between Buffet and Lynch is Lynch is common man’s coach. Summary Points in the last pages are gems.

4). How I made 2 million in market - Nicholas Darvas:

I picked it up in a bus-stand. Read it all over a journey. Re-read it. Re-read it… many times. Darvas introduced me to so many things at a time. He introduced me to Technical approach. Techno-fundamental approach. He introduced me to concept of emerging themes and market tops and bottoms etc. If at all someone asks me as a newbie how to start I will ask him to start with Lynch and Darvas.

Real changes happened there. Everything started to make sense. I went further into Amazon related books.

5). How to trade in stocks - jesse Livermore:

This book introduced me to buy high and sell higher. A total change in makeover. It changed my attitude.

**6). How to make money in stocks - william o neil: **

The cheesy title has an extra-cheesy content. CANSLIM approach is what makes the book. Today I follow a partial CANSLIM approach. But I feel that I will make more money and less mistakes with CANSLIM than with my current approach. To adapt perfect CANSLIM is what I am going into now-a-days.

**7). Stan weinsteins secret to profiting in bull and bear markets : **

This book made complete sense after all the reading I have done. Forests to trees approach is what I follow now.

This book has very good material on When to Buy and when to Sell which is tougher than what to Buy and what to Sell.

Apart from these Fisher’s scuttlebutt and Dorsey’s Little book helped me in understanding businesses but didn’t help in framing a strategy. I read mark minervini, Richard Love etc but everyone seemed to Say the CANSLIM Darvas and Jesse in one way or other.