Bonus Shares & Impact of Bonus Shares for Investor

If buying price of bonus shares is considered as nil, what will be the impact of LTCG for any bonus issues post Jan 31st '18 ?

If i have 5 shares and company declares bonus of 1 for each 10 shares, what will be outcome ?

Fractions are always paid in cash. Even if you own 100 shares and a 1:3 bonus is declared, the excess 0.33 worth will be paid in cash.

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Thanks for reply. It is really good to know how it happens.

Not sure and have no facts around it , but I have seen dividend yield increase for some good management FMCG companies giving bonus…any idea if there is any link? It could be that when good companies give bonus, its for correct reasons and when reason and time is correct, the profits are more and so is the dividend…?