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I’ve been lurking in this forum for the last 2-3 years. I’m inspired by the conversations here and I’ve learned bits and pieces from all of the stalwarts here. I have a fairly decent capital invested and envisage no short term needs. I just want to keep compounding till I retire after 20 years or so. I like my work and don’t plan to retire early.

I’m a novice in investing and most of my picks are based on discussions that I’ve observed. I have a strong gut feel about some stocks which makes it a bit difficult to judge (Tattoed Chef, Marksans, United Spirits, UPL, etc).

I’ve been doing SIP in these stocks over the last year or so (not necessarily in the same weightage as shown below). Some have run up sharply (Redington, Jubilant Ingrevia, etc), others have not taken off at all (ITC, HDFC Bank, GMM Pfaudler, etc) and I believe I’ve entered late to a few of them (Laurus, Tata Steel, etc).

I look forward to advice and suggestions from the proficient value pickrs in this forum.

Company Name Buy / Sell Price % of Portfolio % Gain / Loss Theme Investing Rationale
Bharti Airtel Limited 534.95 7.1% 28% Telecom Telecom duopoly, decent valuation and good growth prospects.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited 3,042.17 6.9% 25% IT services IT largecap. Cash cow and expect it to be a consistent compounder
HDFC Bank Limited 1,479.71 6.7% 6% Banking Large scale, clean books and good management. Expect it to be a compounding machine
Larsen & Toubro Limited 1,422.03 6.6% 17% Infrastructure Expect L&T to gain on post-covid Capex & infrastructure cycle
ITC Ltd 206.91 6.6% 3% FMCG Cash cow. Limited downside risk, good dividends and massive growth potential
United Spirits Ltd 591.34 5.7% 28% Alcohol Great brands. Expect limited headwinds and premiumization strategy should push the earnings growth.
Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd. 361.94 5.1% 94% Specialty Chemicals Decent fundamentals and good growth potential in all their segments. Robust capex plans + compelling peer valuation.
Tata Consumer Products Ltd 552.84 4.9% 58% FMCG Strong brands. Expect it to be a consistent compounder in FMCG space.
SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd 861.22 4.2% 28% Credit cards Only listed pure-play credit card company. Mobile wallets seem to be a bigger challenge though. Bit sceptical now.
Tata Power Company Limited 97.20 4.0% 37% Solar / EV / Energy Play in energy + Solar + EV sectors. Very bullish
UPL Ltd Fully Paid Ord. Shrs 542.29 3.9% 40% Agriculture UPL is well-positioned globally to take advantage of recovery in agri sector. Expect stable growth and consistent compounding.
Redington (India) Ltd 75.17 3.9% 93% IT Distribution & maintenance Sticky business and Redington has steadily gained market share. Expect stable growth in line with demand for electronic goods. Higher exposure to Apple is a risk.
Endurance Technologies Ltd (CN) 1,472.20 3.9% 9% Auto Expect 2W and 3W to drive post-Covid recovery as well as EV emergence in auto sector. Endurance is well placed to capture this growth. Valuations might be a concern.
Tata Steel Limited Fully Paid Ord. Shrs 1,195.74 3.8% 21% Infrastructure / Steel Steel commodity cycle and improved fundamentals. Expect demand growth due to resurgence in infrastructure and capex demand
Laurus Labs Ltd 568.87 3.7% 15% Pharma Inspired purely by ValuePickr. The vertical integration story is quite compelling. Am bit concerned if they will lose out on API customers.
Sagar Cements Limited 176.54 3.6% 51% Infrastructure / Cement Good growth potential and compelling valuation. It should benefit from infrastructure and capex growth.
Ajanta Pharma Ltd 1,786.93 3.6% 20% Pharma Decent valuations with good growth outlook. Expect this to have stable growth.
Ugro Capital Ltd 131.05 2.8% -9% Micro-finance Inspired by ValuePickr and ISB reddit. Was looking for a micro-finance play and earlier invested in Ujjivan. I believe the management of Ugro capital will make a difference in the long run.
Marksans Pharma Limited 56.78 2.8% 23% Pharma Decent valuations with good growth outlook. Expect the stock to get rerated if the results continue in the same trend.
GMM Pfaudler Ltd 4,341.36 2.7% 4% Glass Market leader in glass-lined equipments and should benefit from pharma/ chemicals industry growth. Synergy with Pfaudler should unlock value (or drag them down)
Tattooed Chef, Inc. USD 20.01 7.3% 3% Vegan Food Fully vertically integrated and rapid growth potential. I believe vegan food should pick up more momentum along with plant-based meat.
Total 100.0% 25.2%

Dear forum… Would appreciate your valuable suggestions about my portfolio

Also, any corrections in my post, which might help it get more attention, would be useful for my future submissions.

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Downside risk of ITC is value trap Hotel Business & very low ROCE on FMCG business. Downside is quite large if FMCG business doesn’t pick up or they invest unnecessarily on hotel infra or if the tobacco consumption decline continues.

Thanks for the feedback… I personally think the market is making down the ITC stock due to these downside risks… Hence, I feel these risks are priced in and there’s limited further downside… But I could be wrong.