Best P2P lending platform advice

I am willing to invest some amounts of money in P2P platforms. I have seen quite a few number of platforms have emerged in India these days. Can anyone tell me about their experiences of investing in this sector and which is the best P2P investing platforms with least amount of risk and good customer support?

Please let me know your opinions.

Some of the famous ones are:
12% club
Mobikwik Xtra
Cred Mint

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I recommend not to go for P2P platforms since almost all platforms are experts in lending other’s money with very inadequate and lethargic efforts towards recovery ultimately leading to an overall loss in the portfolio. Even RBI is unable to render much support although they have tall claims of investor education and protection. In my experience i2ifunding was the only one to have done a better job.


I agree. Avoid P2P lending platforms.

You can explore some other opportunities like Tyke (tykeinvest), where you can invest in CSOPs and Fixed Income and Discounting options.

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