Behavioural pattern of retail equity investors in india

Hello Everyone
My name is Rahul, I am a MBA student. I am conducting a research on the behavioural patterns of retail equity investors in India. It would be really helpful if you could fill the google form below:
Thanks for giving your time

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Why have you made email ID mandatory? remove this and we will fill the form.

I have removed the mandatory from email id, thanks a ton

guys really need help in the research

@RD008 Do share the results if possible so that all can benefit from the same.

will definitely share the results after the completion of this research

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submitted yesterday itself.

thanks a lot sir, I need at least 100 responses that is why i am keeping this thread active so that people can see it. I have received 44 responses as of now and i thank all of those who have filled the form

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received 51 responses 49 more to go, I will put a behavioural finance term here along with its explanation. So that thread becomes useful for whoever goes through this

I am of the opinion that, you can assess to a certain extent, the behavior pattern of retail investors from the comments posted on internet and not from this form. Because the questions you have asked in the form can be answered by only informed, thoughtful or matured investors. People who have this much of clarity will give more or less the same answers (Valuepickr folk), and I guess others who don’t have that kind of clarity will skip, these are more in number (if you have posted the form elsewhere too).

So, do not take the results of the survey as truth, because the sample size will be too small compared to the retail participation that we have right now, covering almost all the states from India, and considering the survey is in English. And an academic exercise need not always match the ground reality.

Good questions though.


Good point thanks a lot for pointing out this things, although gathering information related to stock markets is really difficult because people tend to be fearful that their information might be used for malicious practice which is not always the case, 100 is the the minimum sample size which is required to do this research as and then only it can be processed through the software that i am using.
This kind of research was also carried out in 2016 by a professor of an institute in Hyderabad where they were able to collect 225 responses and that was onsite collection. So their is this limitation here that only those who have the knowledge can fill this form.
Anyways thanks a lot for filling this up.

78 received, 22 more to go need your support

just 22 more to go