Be aware of investing material which promises high return!

Posting it as I received this note from Mentor and thought its worth sharing.

Impostors always find new ways of cheating, plunder is eternal birth right of a charlatan. With every bull and bear run paid posters arise luring gullible people. Some gets arrested, some doesn’t. Even if you are not caught, people memory is short, they forget immediately in some months.

Without extending introduction, please note these are new ways of cheating people now a days:

  1. Workshop- 2 day/3 day workshop demanding 50/75K or more, to deliver the magic mantra which even market wizards couldn’t teach in their books. The promotion process includes telephone calls, absurd profit on Twitter (via unauthenticated screenshot) and so on.

  2. Access to portfolio- even some people have started charging money to see their portfolio. You may find hilarious but its true. Promotions carried out through random article in news paper, high hand writing in public forum and so on.

  3. offering free tips- some predicts market with exact numbers and conveniently delete it doesn’t work. Or open ended words are used to trap people.

Bigger question why people fall into trap?

  1. Easy execution of markets- trading has become child play. Charting to buy/sell is so seamless even 3 year toddle can do it. It has given an impression to public if you a secret recipe and tips fortune can be made in market.

  2. Abundant access to information and marketing- interestingly the information we get for free, actually we question when someone asks for money these days. Have you ever wondered why someone doing free? Agree, some do it for passion. But whenever an advisory, PMS. workshop is attached put your thinking hat.

Things are unlikely to change unless you and me want to change. The only holy grail of investment is:

Expectancy Multiplied by Opportunities

Expectancy is a function of accuracy and margin. Opportunities are finding a way of entering and exiting a stock.

In short the three pillars of investing remain same since 100 years. One is ENTRY/EXIT METHOD Two is RISK MANAGEMENT and Three is MONEY MANAGEMENT. To have a command over these three subjects is a life time learning. Even market wizards shy away of discussing words like certainty, sustainable return and so on.

One last word, STAY SAFE. Validate all Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, online postings, workshop contents before acting them. Sometime it becomes too late.