Basic Functionality

I tried playing around with a few custom & predefined screens yesterday. Some questions here.

1). There is no way to implement the ‘OR’ functionality in the custom screens(‘AND’ gets taken care when we add multiple criteria). Is there a way to implement ‘OR’ which i have overlooked or is this not supported?

2). I found no way to tweak/modify an existing predefined screen. We can atleast have an option to copy a predefined screen to the users folder & then he can make changes to it.



1). Both OR & AND functionality is available.

They can be used between 2 expressions in one single step. like EPS_LFY>0 or EPS_PY1>0). So combine queries in 1 single step where you want to do an “or”, also an “and”. Obviously between steps its always an AND operation, because you are filtering down from the preceding steps, to final shortlist.

Make sure to use smaller case or, as in the example used.

2). Go to any predefined screen, View and Execute buttons are on the left side, look for Actions button on the right side. Copy and Paste in My Screens folder.

You should be able to edit/tweak as you want.

Ok couple of questions:

1). Do I need to give space between expressions? For example is it “EPS_LFY > 0” or “EPS_LFY>0” ?

2). I need to list companies that match a certain criteria. The criteria is:

( Most recent quarter EPS * Trailing Twelve Month EPS * 4 ) - Last Closing Share Price

What will be the expression for this? I keep getting an error.

1). Space or without space, both should work

2.(QEPS_LFQ* TTMEPS*4)- Price_LFD>0

You can search for the variable name like QEPS for quarterly EPS or TTMEPS for trailing 12 month EPS, using the Search box and variable tree to the right of expression row. The string or combination of strings by iteself is not enough -it must be compared to something to form an expression , hence the >o in your example.

3). looking at the logic I would think you wanted to multiply QEPS with TTMPE, then the expression would look like

(QEPS_LFQ4(Price_LFD/TTMEPS))- Price_LFD>0

Sorry it was TTM PE. But the idea is if the implied price is higher than current actual price you have a divergence which can be traded. Let me know what you think of the same guys.

Another question:

1). How do I make the screener display the values that have been calculated using the above expression?"

2). How can I use this list as a set to further screen based on other criteria?

2). just add another expression row. and enter your criteria there. this will be applied to results of 1st row. its a sequential filter design! basically an AND operation between all expressions

1). You can export to excel and calculate what you want in excel and display; or you can define a variable say “TTMPE =price_LFD/TTEMEPS” first in the my variable section. then you can use the variable TTMPE in your screen expression. if TTMPE already exists, just be creative with the nameuse myTTMPE or something like that




I was trying to get RSS feeds or auto mails to forums etc when some one replies to particular forum, but was not sure how to get that. Basically, I want to watch the forum for new updates. Is there a functionality for that?



Dear Sorabh,

Unfortunately at the moment, there is no functionality for auto-update emails on forum posts.

However once you log in, you are automatically alerted to new posts - which appear with a * (starred).

Please bear with us till we are able to find resources to augment existing functionality.