Bansal Wire Industries Ltd (BWIL)

Bansal Wire Industries is a stainless-steel wire manufacturing company, incorporated in 1985. The company is divided into three business segments: stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire, and high carbon steel wire. The metal wire industry is a highly competitive and fragmented market.
Directors of Bansal Wire Industries Limited are Sumit Gupta, Ghanshyam Das Gujrati, Pranav Bansal, Arun Gupta, Sunita Bindal, Umesh Kumar Gupta, Pranav Bansal, Satish Prakash Aggarwal, Saurabh Goel and Ritu Bansal.

Company profile

Business profile of Bansal Wire Industries Limited

M/s Bansal Wire Industries Ltd. (BWIL) is a closely held public limited company incorporated on 11th December

1985, into manufacturing of various kind of wires which have multiple application across sectors including power

and cable, automotive, fencing, infrastructure, agriculture, consumer durables, general engineering. The company manufactures high and low carbon steel wires/ galvanized wire/cable armoring wires and strips/stainless steel wires/profile, shaped wires, speciality wires and so on which have multiple application. The company has a long-standing track record of generating operating profits, they have demonstrated their ability to navigate challenges and maintain a successful and sustainable business. To meet the diverse customer needs, the company manufactures more than 3.000 stock keeping units, the highest among all steel wire manufacturers in

India, with sizes ranging from as thin as 0.04 mm to as thick as: 15.65 mm.

Corporate History-Group and recent acquisitions

Bansal Group commenced its business by wire trading business since 1938 and diversified into the manufacturing in 1985. Group has spread across different product segments which include High Carbon Wire, Mild Steel Wire, Shaped Wires & Stainless Steel Wire spanning across various grades.

In addition to above acquisitions, BWIL has also significant global footprint and exporting globally to over 50 countries.

SWOT analysis of Bansal Wire


  • Promoters are in wire trading business since 1938 having experience since 3 generations

  • The company is currently operating from four existing manufacturing facilities and is setting up the largest single location manufacturing facility of steel wire in Dadri, India. This plant would also be amongst the largest capacities in Asia

  • Economies of scale: As of date, Bansal Wire is the second largest manufacturer of steel wires in the country

  • The company has a leading position in the wire manufacturing industry and offers a large selection of products (3000+ SKUs)

  • The company has been demonstrating a steady improvement in sales and profitability

  • The company operates on a "Cost Plus model wherein they are largely immune to commodity price fluctuations

  • The company’s product mix and plant capabilities allow them to switch or add production lines from one sector to another based on industry demands.


  • Short family tree to make succession planning difficult


  • Increasing domestic demand to offer opportunity for business expansion and product diversification.

  • Growing portfolio of high-margin products, such as fine wire, hose wire, and steel cord.

  • Explore the rapidly expanding LRPC Strand industry


Volatility of raw material prices and changing government policies and regulations

Threat of dumping from China, Korea, and Japan pose threats to the business expansion

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