Avanti Feeds V/s Water Base - Dilemma - Choose Growing Co or Market leader?

Hi Guyz. I do not know about the VP rules on this - if I can start a new thread comparing the two companies in the same sector - where we do already have two different threads on the said companies. Please forgive me for the mistake if it is.

I just want to compare both the companies here in the same industry. Having a dilemma - where to invest?
Avanti is a regular compounder, expanding consistently, good mgmt and good business strategies. On the other hand the Waterbase has almost tripled its capacity this year by acquiring Pinnae feeds (its sister concern). It is also intending to enter into hatcheries like avanti.

If we look at the industry overall - risks are very high - which tells us to go for some already established players like avanti. But if we look at growth - waterbase is the right choice because of the lower base. Mgmt is good in waterbase, but had some problems earlier due to which they couldnt explore the industry in their favour. Focus of the mgmt has shifted to this industry and want to aggressively penetrate in the market.

One more point the loss to avanti is very less compared to waterbase - Waterbase has its facility in nellore which was washed due to Floods. Avanti has its facility in Gujarat. Second Waterbase has its customers concentrated in Nellore only. Avanti has its customers in West Bengal and odisha also. But, surprisingly both the stocks have gone 50% down. Avanti is trading at PE less than that of Waterbase.

Waterbase can increase its EPS 5 -7 times in next 4 years whereas Avanti can only double its EPS in the same time frame. But on the other hand - can the mgmt of waterbase make up with the tripled capacity? What if it fails with its so called aggressive plans?

I request all the VP members to provide their views here and help to fix this dilemma. Thanks lot.

you may discuss the same in the threads of one of these companies… No point in starting a new thread for this