I interpreted it as cost of materials consumed was 19 crores, and maybe finished goods from last quarter in inventory were delivered this quarter. It is not possible with the info available to figure out whether the inventory was of raw materials or of finished goods. This is why I wrote that if the new sales were just 25 crore, it was a bad result. But current inventories of 45 crores mean maybe there are pending deliveries which will be billed in next quarter.

If the next Railways - RTIS order not received from L&T this year, then current year revenue/profit will be lower than last year.

why would that happen, ideally once they have been qualified as vendor, they will keep getting orders so long as L&T keeps getting it, decisions maybe delayed since this is an election year but railway spend is expected to continue for the forseeable future. That beside, trust the management to creat value and make sure they grow

AR 2023-24


this link is not working

If anyone attended AGM, please help with the notes. Thanks in advance.

I would welcome the notes from the fellow investors. The company usually shares the AGM transcript on its website: avantel.in > Investors > Financial Information > AGM - EGM Proceedings

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Attached the transcript of the AGM dt: 30/5/2024
Avantel_Limited_AGM_Transcript_30_05_2024.pdf (770.8 KB)