Asvasanra Portfolio feedback


I am posting my present holdings here for feedback of senior members and guidance going forward.

I had set out recently to invest in equities directly and my present allocation constitutes about 25% of my net worth through this mode.

Whilst the details provided here constitutes those set of stocks which i intend to hold for a long time period. A percentage of the overall resources available for investing is deployed in momentum/short terms stocks which i do not mention here.


As regards the rational, i am not much of a numbers person , and depend on looking at the overall visibility of business prospects for an industry. As may be observed a substantial portion of funds is deployed in the financial services sector as i strongly believe there exists a huge opportunity.

Many of the stocks that i hold may look like the usual suspects for most VP members. However, being new to equity investing my first priority was to try and mitigate my exposure to the vagaries of the market, ensure returns better than i would get if money is deployed in fixed instruments, learn , and then venture beyond my comfort zone.

Look forward to comments and feedback. Thanks in advance.

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