Assessing Management Quality

Please pardon me if the question does not makes sense as I have always dealt with financial numbers to asses a stock and never considered humans involved in business.

Read it many times that one of the most important thing to asses stock is asses management quality.

The questions I have are

what are the ways in which we can asses management quality?

Do common people like us can have access to management team?

What set of questions need to be asked to judge management?

You will find some food for thought here

The above is an excerpt from Pat Dorsey’s book 5 Rules for Successful Investing.

Managements usually entertain requests for meetup - once they are convinced about you - and your objectives for meeting/sincerity/level of homework done on the industry/business - that their time will be well utilised. It is only now that ValuePickr has a platform to showcase, but we could meet Managements right from the start - we believe because of above,

All newbies - please go through the Basics section on ValuePickr - wealth of structured information provided.

Donald what a gem you have written. This is a must read for everyone, even if they have been into investing for a long time. Thank You.