Assea portfolio: your advice is most welcome

I started my investment journey 4 years back by doing passive investing in index funds by direct purchase while devoting all my time to my Buisness. Prior to that I was using regular funds.
In last four years, My earnings from mutual funds were decent and all this while I gathered lot of bookish knowledge by reading books on investment.
With my business slowing down and having built it in last two years in such a way that I have lot of spare time at my disposal, I am now going to slowly built my equity portfolio for wealth maximisation by having simultaneous 3/4 approaches.

Firstly will built it by having good value buy with conservative approach. Will be doing sip in niftybees, hdfc bank , Wipro and and few others quality buys. Idea is to built this part of portfolio slowly.

Secondly , going to participate in Indian growth story by having basket approach, in this part , going to have basket of shares from metals . As I believe that there is still some juice left in metal cyclicals . Going to adopt same approach for cement and infrastructure firms after looking at nifty constituents.
Will add infrabees to first part of my portfolio as I see two views merging , as infrabees qualify for value and cyclic both with strong leg for coming may be two years.

Thirdly going to have investment in firms where we used the products personally and have tactile exposure, companies in plastic moulding furniture likes of cello, Supreme and Prince are going to be part of this third approach .
As part of construction industry, our firm is consuming materials from Everest, cello, Hil, Saint gobin and host of old and new age firms where product innovation is somewhat better than the usual.
I know that it’s going to be involving journey and my own hypothesis are going to change with value picker’s value going to alter it for the good.
Seeking advise from fellow members about what is the best way forward and kindly suggest how to go about it .

Tentative portfolio percentage constituents:

  1. Value buy : initially may vary fm 40 to 75 %
  2. Cyclicals : 0 to 25 %
  3. Other mid and small cap : with high growth will be : 0 to 25%
  4. Cash in hand : min 20 % at any given time.

Long wait for the infra sector seems to be over, watch out for the whole sector .
The infrastructure index closed at a multi-year high zone. The outperformance of the infra space could continue.

|Index. |1D. |1W. I1M. |3M
||NIFTY. +0.01%|+1.80%|+6.46%.|+4.40%|
NIFTYINFRA +0.73% +3.47% +7.67% +3.41%