Aspinwall - Interesting stock

My first post here, greatly appreciate the quality of discussion on the forum.

Saw this stock on while running a few filter. Has good yoy growth, low P/E (14.8), Piotroski score of 7, ROCE is low (10%), Price to Book is 2.26. Listed at around 170, now around 380. Has risen 30 Rs in the last few days.
Established in lat 19th century, Owned by the Royal family of Travancore, so no fly by night operators here, although it may not mean they are the most business savvy. Has a very unique product, they make specialty coffee, the only ones in the world. It is called Monsoon Malabar. Retailed by Nestle and other niche coffee players. Also have a logistics business, have not been able to delve further into it. Am guessing the Company also has significant land holdings, they recently entered into a partnership with DLF to establish a Heritage Hotel in Kochi.

Porinju Veliyath has a 1.5% stake in the company.

Company looks very interesting, early stages though. Would welcome your analysis and possible downsides.

Disc: Invested, will continue to buy and hold for long term


@mhussainy I would suggest that you post more details like

  1. Last 3-4 years sales, profits etc.
  2. Debt, if any.
  3. Pros & cons of the company management. Past track record.
  4. More details about other businesses.
  5. Promoter holding.
  6. Assets of the company - do they grow coffee on their own land? If yes what is their land holding? What other assets do they hold?
  7. Commentary from the promoters in the press. Articles about the company.

I have seen some other posts getting locked by the admins due to very few details being posted.