Ashish's Portfolio

Recently i started buying stocks after going thru various sites and forums.

I had earlier tasted success with TCS IPO (held for close to 6 yrs and it was a 3 bagger) and

a few Satyam share during its bloodshed moment and still made 11 bagger after 6 yrs

Below is my current Portfolio

Gruh - 30% ( Like mini HDFC with huge potential and a consistent performer)

Repco - 10% ( Another HFC in rural market with huge market scalable opportunity)

HDFC Bank - 10% (Most Consistent performer and a blue chip)

PI Industries - 10% (Different business model in Chemical industry and recommended by ValuePickr and past 5 yrs performance)

Page - 24% ( Recession proof business with scalable opportunity)

Gati - 10% ( Logistics player with multiple growth prospects in e-commerce, cold storage space and getting things right)

Hawkins - 6%( Another good consumer stock recommended by all but should grow nicely)

My expectation is clearly long term for at least 5-10 yrs as i want to utilise the funds for my retirement OR Child education/Marriage

I am still on look out for more stocks from different sectors as i need to diversify.

Looking at Mayur, Ajanta Pharma, Eicher Motors, Atul Auto,Cera/Kajaria but valuations seems to be high and not sure whether i should wait for more time

Any suggestions/comments are most welcome

50% in one sector(HFC) seems to be tilted heavily in one direction. May be you should add something from your watch list to reduce the skewness.

Thanks Raj for the advice!

I recently added few stocks like Ajanta, Astral, PTC India Finance and did few additional purchases in Page,Hawkins, Repco and changed Portofolio ratios to below

Page - 23%

Gruh - 17%

Repco - 17%

Hawkins - 7.5%

Ajanta Pharma- 6.5%

Astral - 6%

HDFC Bank - 6%

PTC India Finance - 6%

PI - 5.5%

Gati -5.5%

I am still looking for more allocations in near future and considering Mayur, Eicher/Atul for same.Kindly suggest any more names which can be considered

Did some more allocations recently and few additions and portfolio looks like below

Repco - 16.7%

Page - 13.9% (Will be adding more but waiting for right entry point)

Gruh - 10% (Will be adding more but waiting for right entry point)

Avanti Feeds - 8%(Short term bet for now may be a 2 OR 3 yrs)

Hawkins - 7.8%

PTC India Finance - 6.7% (Short term bet for now may be a 2 OR 3 yrs)

Ajanta Pharma - 6% (Will be adding more.Right opportunity in few days mostly)

Mayur Uniquoters - 5%

Eicher Motors - 4.7%

Astral - 3.4%

Gati - 3.4%

HDFC Bank - 3.4%

Kajaria Ceramics - 3.4%

Kaveri Seeds - 3.2%

PI Industries - 3.2%

Starter position in OCCL

Suggestions welcome for any modification

It’s been few years since I posted on my thread, last 1 week has been terrifying and lots to ponder about.

Few thoughts on my learning based on now 4. Yrs in Active Stock Market with no net net earnings and lots of learning in this Bull market correction

Regarding 1 thing which worked till now is 25 percent portfolio weight currently is investing in Gruh finance.Allocated 10 percent initially and will keep it for next 6 yrs at least until something changes dramatically.ROE greater than growth rate resulting in negligible Dilution and High Quality Franchise with HDFC parentage

Learning’s have been plenty due Recency bias OR attractive Story on looks of it in 1st order thinking

Blunders : Kelton Tech,false promises and frequent fund raising
Prakash Industries with poor corporate governance at top of cyclical earnings
PTC Finance, Kitex Garments, Gati with few bets

Repco Home Finance : Initially good growth but Black Swan of TN Floods, Demonetisation coupled with high TN loan concentration having conservative management with NPA focus more rather than Growth brought gains to grinding halt.Still holding with partial profit booking

PNB Housing Finance : Switched to this after Repco partial booking but past few weeks hammering bringing lots of questions

Piramal : Still holding in Core portfolio with 9 percent weight

Granules India : Holding with 8 percent with no gain for past 3 yrs . Waiting for Operating leverage play considering Capex. Pledging is an Issue and might exit if results are not satisfactory

Shilpa Medicare : Again High Quality with 7 percent weight with multiple headwinds currently.Might sell on rally

Avanti Feeds : Holding for long term.Only proper mulibagger with low portfolio bet around 5 percent

Alphageo : New business lines not captured by management and a hope stock now

Take Solutions: 5 percent weight.Waiting for good clean results with management faltering in something always

BLS International : Business headwinds considering Punjab egovernance fiasco but waiting for new Europe visa business results

PI Industries : A laggard but waiting for Agrochem cycle pickup and new pharma CSM play

Bajaj Finance : New Entry with 8 percent allocation during current market correction

Tracking position in Multibase India, NGL, Hikal,Bharat Rasayan,CSL Finance, Edelweiss

Key Improvements Areas and Future Strategy:
Stringent Stock Filtering towards better Risk reward ratio and not only Growth focus

Nimble to Cut losses in case of wrong bets/ execution by management

Thinking of following Scrum Agile framework with
Sprints of 1 Qtr/year with Goal of 10x of current portfolio size and Sprint Retrospective improvements to quickly improve success odds percentage

Comments invited on Portfolio and future strategy