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Hi Everyone,

I have recently joined this forum. I am 24 years old and actively investing in stock market for past 2-3 years. Below is my long term equity portfolio. Please let me know your comments, suggestions, criticism etc.

Category - 1 (32% - All stocks of almost equal weights)
Asian Paints
Bajaj Finance
(all stock of equal weights)

Rationale: Blue chip stocks, market leaders (among top 3) in their respective segments and consistent returns.

Category 2
|Sriram Transport Finance |8%|
|Bandhan Bank |7%|
|HDFC Life |12%|
|SBI Life |6%|
|Indian Hotels |12%|
|Polycab |6%|
|Laurus Labs |5%|
|Borosil Renew |4%|
|Rallis |3%|

I have added Borosil Renew and Laurus Labs recently. Thanks to VP!! I feel that, I have invested too much financial sector. Need to divest a bit.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks and Regards,


All look good. Suggest review Indian Hotels unless u got into it in the recent collapse in which case u can sit tight as u have huge margin for error

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financials are too many but it may be a prudent strategy incurrent scenario because financial sector is coming back in lime light. It can give good return.

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Yeah, I purchased Indian Hotel because of that reason only. I purchased it at 95 levels. I may not hold it for long term.

Snapshot of my portfolio at year end:


Will allocate some more amount to Happiest minds, FSL, Rallis and UPL. Any comments/ suggestions are welcome…

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First of all, congrats Arnav. At your age, i was busy chasing Unitech and loosing all the money. The portfolio is reasonably diversified :slight_smile:

Any reasons why you have changed your portfolio drastically within last 20 days? Many of the Category 1 stocks are missing in the latest list. Any specific reasons ?

Also, how often do you do buy/sell transactions or re-shuffle stocks ?

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Thanks Surya!! All those catagory 1 stocks are under Others - Blue Chip.

Actually some of my FD’s matured this month, which I invested in stocks. The rate of interest is pretty low im FD’s now. That’s why change in portfolio composition.

I haven’t sold anything as of now. But I usually purchase once in 2 months…