Hello to the Value Pickr Team,

I am writing to highlight the difference your website makes to the investor community. This is one of the most sane value investing websites we got where people share their views and discuss the positives and negatives of different stock stories.

The problem is that there are a number of investors who visit the pages and go away without commenting or sharing their views. It is not their fault as some people have little to say or are new to the investing world. Nevertheless the discussions make a big impact on their investment decisions.

I believe that the contribution of the people who spend hours putting down their valuable inputs should be appreciated. There must be buttons with “Like” or “Rating stars” or “Agree” or “Good/Very Good” etc where people can atleast appreciate the inputs. This way we will encourage the community to share their thoughts with more vigor as they will feel confident that someone out there is getting benefited and reading it.

There are many discussions on value pickr which are excellent but have been stopped halfway because of lack of response I guess. But with this method atleast the one who has initiated the discussion might continue posting updates about the stock story he/she begun based on the appreciation he/she receives.

I also know of the difficulty involved in making the website interactive. And that you will need a bigger team to achieve this. However I feel in this very valuepickr community there would many willing to contribute towards this job.

Hope other members agree with my views too.



Please include “wholeheartedly agree” button to the above list :slight_smile:

I think some thread stopped half way because none of us had anything meaningful to add. And I feel it is way better not to post than to post for the sake of posting.



Just noticed the font of text has been changed. And the new font looks good, bigger, more readable and pleasant to eyes. Though due to limited real estate, less content is visible per screen. Just wondering if it is customisable.

Dear Mokhtar, Vinay, Atul,

Thanks for taking the trouble to out up your suggestions.

These are very much under consideration. We are looking for a long-term solution on the technology front/right partners for the same - hence there are some delays.

ValuePickr next phase has plans for a full-blown Reputation System - for both Content and Users. These specifications cover your recommendations too.

Thanks & Appreciate all you do.