Apar Industries

This article does not talk about any split / bonus plan. Nor have I read about the same anywhere else.

Can you reference where you’ve come across this?

Holding from much lower levels.

Haven’t heard either but have been wondering if the management is looking into that and maybe I am not aware, so asked if anybody did.
Don’t you think it should be on their cards? considering the price apar is currently trading at.

PS: It has nothing to do with the article, VP doesn’t allow to post more than 3 times in a row and suggests editing.

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Apar management is solid. The family runs the business well. They will make necessary decisions in time. One cannot rule anything out.

APAR will grow exponentially - everything is in their favour right now.


The business looks like that its time has come.

They are present across the renewable value chain.

I have one question which I couldn’t find answer to…are they exposed to undersea power cables which will be required for offshore wind and in a decade or so for regional grid connections?


Thank you all for this insightful thread. Studying this company for sometime now. Need to understand the logic of raising funds to the tune of Rs 1000 crores by diluting equity when :

  1. Co. has been constantly generating good cash flow from operations year on year

  1. Co. also has track record of great ROCE which in my opinion means that the company should have used debt if required and pay it off to generate greater returns for their shareholder due to the financial leverage effect.

In my opinion if the sole reason was to meet working capital then it could have been met through debt and it would have been better for the shareholders and if it was to get good set of investors such as mutual funds to boost the confidence of other shareholders then they could have done the same by selling some portion of promoter shareholding to these funds just like Sharda Motors did recently.

Please enlighten.

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The Company intends to do capex of 350-400 cr/year. It will be Combination of brownfield expansion and debottlenecking.

I’ve written a detailed note on APAR some time back (APAR Industries - by Pankaj Garg - Pankaj’s Substack)

IMO, mostly the QIP money will go to gross block.

Technically I’m being patient with the stock as it is consolidating near its highs. Everytime it makes a new high and goes back. Lets wait for the sector rotation to power sector again.

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