Ap1990 Portfolio-looking for guidance

Hi, I am 26 years old, working as an economics assistant professor…I have been investing in equities via sip in mfs and direct stocks…in the last 1.5 years I have also started investing my parents money…Would love it if people can give me inputs on my current selection of stocks…I will be providing the rationale for each in my next post soon…the stock , its allocation in my portfolio and avg price are mentioned as below:

1 Emmbi industries- 7%- 171
2.Motilal oswal financial services-5%-698
3.Centrum Capital-9%-45
4.Omkar specialty chemicals-8 %-112(150 shares of lasa supergenics will be credited)
6.zenith fibres-4%-141
7.Ujaas -7%-37.65
8.south indian bank-10 %-23.25
9.Lt foods- 9 %- 51
10.max ventures and industries-8%-79
11.bodal chemicals-5%-146
12.arihant superstructure-6%-195
13.kei industries-8%-255

This is my first post and I am a little nervous about posting.the rationale behind stocks will be my next post .Incase i have made a mistake please let me know.Will be grateful to fellow boarders for their opinions and critical inputs


Rationalefor the stocks are as follows-

  1. A major bet on the management and their It products arm has seen good consistent growth in the last.Healthcare biz has good reviews.

2.motilal oswal- good management and great growth in their asset management business and their entry in home financing has also witnessed good growth.

3.Emmbi- good expansion of ebidta and roe.decent management

4.Centrum capital- sanjiv bhasin as the md and ceo instilled great confidence…good growth in the business

5.kei- great order book visibility,good fundamentals and given government emphasis on infra it seemed like a good bet

6 omkar- value unlocking due to demerger

7 bodal- good range of chemical products…scuttle butt as father in the same industry and also chinas plants are closed due to environmental concerns

  1. south indian bank- seemed undervalued as a private sector bank as compared to peers has shown good results

9.arihant superstructures- smart management which has chosen projects that is consistently leading to ebidta expansion.

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Hi Professor,

I have hold Zenith earlier. I exited because It’s top-line was stagnant and I felt there were no expansion plans. Also, not much info was available about their products and future prospects…

You should go through its thread… I’m not much familiar with/tracking other stocks of your portfolio, but I like MOswal, Centrum, Kei

Good luck with your investment journey.


Hi ap

Max ventures is very good stock, their MD Analjit having reputation of taking companies to high level, clean management, profits in film section but others will take time so holding for 5 to 6 years will be rewarding.

Iam holding substantial quantity so my view may biased

Apart from zenith, everything looks good. Emmbi & virinchi are my core portfolio holdings

At the best I can say this is a portfolio of one of the equity advisory firm. :slight_smile: All the best!

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Hi Rohit, only a few are from an equity advisory firm and also from that 3 were already purchases by me before they were recommended if you are aware then you would know that certain stocks that i have mentioned arnt in the portfolio of the equity advisory :slight_smile:

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I personally feel its not a bad idea to follow an advisory firm till we develop our skills in doing our research. This way, we can minimise our loses during learning phase. But, build a strong conviction by putting ur intelligence into it. Good start. All the best.

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