Anyone from Pune / Nagpur- Seen Store One Retail?

Has anyone visited Store One retail?

Welcome to Store One, a chain of multi brand stores that recently came alive in the bustling metropolises of Pune and Nagpur. Presenting leading designer brands and design infused products. It creates a very creditable retail mix of Indian designer prt by leading names like Monisha bajaj, Hemant Lecoanet, Ritu Kumar, leading global brands like s.Oliver, Alcott, Boggi, Disney, & beauty & lifestyle brands & many more. It allows its patrons the luxury of space, offering an uncluttered array of hand-picked merchandize that are intelligent in price points. A friendly environment, calming music, stylish displays and lots to browse around, It gives you enough reason to get lost for hours within its premises.

How has been the experience?

PS- The business is doing well for last 2 years, & stock is dirt- cheap. Though there are some clear cut negatives but still would like to know customers views first.

Hi Jatin,

I haven’t read on the co but the nos are interesting. Can you share some more details about their business model, no of store, how did this co get listed etc?

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Hi Jatin,

had seen one a year back or so, have not had the opportunity to check it out,

Will do so if needed


Thanks Ayush & Hardtoget.

Have created a new thread-

Request you to share your views there.