Anuj's Portfolio

I am posting my holdings portfolio here for feedback from esteemed fellow boarders.

This should also act as one of the transparency measures alluded to by donald and may be considered as my disclosures on my stock picks.

Basic idea is to re evaluate my pickings and understand the perspective of you guys.

  1. RHI Magnesita
  2. IIFL Finance - Good loan quality and betting on the macro level growth of small banks
  3. SIS - Playing On rich cash flows, and recovery post covid
  4. Jubiliant Ingrevia
  5. APL Apollo - Holdings Company
  6. Aarti Ind - Playing the China +1 game, with a belief that India will become a net exporter in the chemical space
  7. Privi Spec Chem - Aroma Chemicals, under penetrated market
  8. ICICI Bank - Since the 2018 poor Asset Book, tremendous recovery
  9. TCS - Undervalued, Playing on the IT theme
  10. Yes Bank

Invested equally among them and have built the portfolio in Dec 2021-Jan 2022

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On the lighter note, this also looks like @Worldlywiseinvestors portfolio :slight_smile:

Iā€™m curious, why is Yes Bank on the list?

This looks like @Worldlywiseinvestors 's portfolio because it has been inspired by some of the content that I have been absorbing from his understanding of the businesses. However I have used it as a fishing pond, and have tried to create a value portfolio forming my own thesis.

Also the above consists of 2 sectors heavily i.e Chemical and Banking Space that I am extremely confident about at a Macroeconomic level.

Yes Bank is there, as like every other retail investor I consider it a value bet, also fundamentally it has been showing a QOQ growth since FY 2020-21 in the Loan Book,especially its provisions.

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